Sports Betting Sites in South Africa 2024

The South African sports betting scene is growing each and every day. There are more and more online sports betting sites for South African punters to get their hands on. The question is, which sports betting site is worth using? Should you use a few for different things? Well, today at Betpack, we are here to answer all of your burning questions regarding sports betting sites in South Africa.

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The Best Sports Betting Sites in South Africa 2024

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Table of Contents

    You can expect to see familiarity at the sports betting sites in South Africa if you've bet before that is. Don’t worry if you haven’t though, this guide is designed for bettors new and old. 

    Another thing to remember is that all of the sports betting sites that we have listed on our site are safe and secure. They are also safe and secure for all bettors to use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any potential scams or other fraudulent activities when signing up. Just hit the links we provide and get registered!

    Before making a choice on which one to use and placing your first bet, get comfortable, grab your coffee and read our comprehensive guide on sports betting sites in South Africa. 

    Best Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

    There has been a rise in the popularity of sports betting in South Africa and, thanks to this very statement, there are more and more betting sites to choose from in the country. This can make life difficult for new bettors as there are just so many different options. Fortunately, we at Betpack are here to help. 

    We spend countless hours researching and testing every single sports betting site so we can give our readers the best possible chance to have a great betting experience. We strive to give bettors the ultimate platform for information on the sports betting scene.

    From the welcome bonus all the way to your first huge win, we are here every step of the way to offer guidance and valuable help to you! We check the features of almost every online sportsbook in South Africa from live betting options to boosted odds.

    No more overwhelming internet surfing sessions trying to find the best odds on SA betting sites. Just one trip to Betpack and you’ll have all of your questions answered and all of the best odds on betting sites listed.

    Best Sports Betting Bookmakers in South Africa

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    How We Choose the Best Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

    As we’ve mentioned already, there is a hell of a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right betting site for you. In this next section, we will take you through some of the things we look at when judging a sports betting site in SA.


    We Follow the News & Reviews

    Reading up on the current affairs of sports betting will improve your experience of choosing a site and will give you more overall knowledge of the industry, which is invaluable. There are plenty of customer reviews to read through as well. 


    We Do Background Checks

    It is important to check up on the sports betting sites' backgrounds. We look into not only the businesses themselves but also the folk running them. Business and gambling ethics are incredibly important to us at Betpack.


    We Check the Variety of the Sports Events

    The markets and events offered at a sports betting site are also incredibly important. The last thing you want is your favourite sporting event not to be covered. All of our recommended bookmakers will have vast markets.


    We Check Bookmaker T&Cs

    Terms and conditions are often ignored in this day and age, purely because they’re a headache to read. Betting site T&Cs are crucial. We make sure to analyse the T&Cs of each site we support, and nothing will sneak up on you. 


    We Place Bets and Deposit

    Sometimes the proof has to be in the pudding, which is why we make sure to actually try out what these sports betting sites offer and place a few bets. This gives us a much better grasp of the betting experience in that particular online sportsbook.

    How to Bet on Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    The next thing to do is to actually place some bets. This is the fun part and the reason you’re here after all! You’ll learn a lot during your first ten bets but before that, please read through our guide on how to bet.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose a Bookmaker Step 1

    Choose a Bookmaker

    Firstly, you’ll need to choose a bookmaker. Any of the bookmakers you see listed on this page will offer you a fantastic experience, so if you’re stuck and unsure of what to pick, then just choose one of these and use the redirecting link for quick access. This isn’t a life-and-death decision after all. We actually recommend signing up for multiple betting sites! 

    Register and Verify Your Account Step 2

    Register and Verify Your Account

    Once you’ve chosen the sports betting site for you, enter the registration page and get started with the process. If you choose one of our selections you will be transported straight to the registration screen. If not, they are still pretty easy to find. You’ll need some basic information to hand in order to register.

    Choose the Game Step 3

    Choose the Game

    You’ll then need to choose the sport/game you are going to be betting on. At sports betting sites in SA, there are a number of different options you can choose from. So whether it's football, horse racing or tennis that you want to bet on, you’ll easily be able to. 

    Claim a Bonus and Get Betting Step 4

    Claim a Bonus and Get Betting

    When joining any of our recommended sports betting sites in SA, you will be rewarded with a fantastic welcome bonus. These usually come in the form of a ‘first deposit bonus’. Deposit bonuses are one of our favourites at any online sportsbook as they reward you for doing something you’re planning on doing anyway, placing a bet! 

    Tips for Using Online Sports Betting Sites in South Africa 

    Now that you’re in and ready to start betting, there are a few tips we can give you to help you have the best possible chances. When betting there are so many little things to check and be aware of, it can be very difficult to keep track of when first but it becomes second nature after a while. Once your experience grows, your eye for things will also continue to grow.

    Check the Terms and Conditions 

    We touched on this one previously but we cannot stress enough the importance of reading through the terms and conditions at sports betting sites in South Africa. It sounds awful, we know, but it is crucial. These betting sites can be crafty when they need to be and will often try to slip things past the bettor, especially when it comes to bonuses.

    To stay ahead of the game, read through the T&Cs. A lot of them are basically just rules and information on how to claim bonuses and spend them. 

    Check Payment Methods 

    Another crucial thing to check is what payment methods are offered by the sports betting site of your choosing. Banking is a huge part of betting for a number of reasons. At the end of the day, the aim of gambling in any way is to win money and return that money to your bank account. Betting revolves around money and banking so it's important that the betting site you pick suits all of your needs in this aspect. We always recommend looking for Apple Pay betting sites if you’re an Apple user. If not, then PayPal is also a great option. 

    Check Welcome Bonus

    One of the most exciting parts of registering for a new betting site is the welcome bonus that you’ll get upon signing up. We definitely suggest checking out the welcome bonuses offered at a few different betting sites before signing up to any. Bonuses change a lot, so if the betting site that seems the best to you has an underwhelming welcome bonus, you can always wait a few months for things to change. Chances are, they will and you might get a better bonus offer! Look out for ‘bet and get’ bonuses that offer upwards of 1000R in free bets. 

    Check Sports Markets Offered

    Sports betting has become so vast in the last few decades, to the point that you can bet on some pretty outrageous things. If it’s professional, the chances are you can bet on it. The markets offered on the more obscure markets will be limited in comparison to the household names such as the English Premier League and the NFL.

    If you’re looking to gamble on the top leagues then you’ll most likely be okay at any sports betting site but if you’re after some of the more niche stuff then we recommend doing some digging.

    Popular Sports to Bet on at South Africa Sports Betting Sites

    Sports betting in South Africa operates in a similar fashion to most countries. It is regulated by the National Gambling Board or NGB. Only officially licensed betting sites are legal to use in South Africa. With a simple Google search, you will be able to find out if a betting site is licensed or not. Don’t get caught in a scam and always legally bet!

    There are multiple sports that are legal to bet on in South Africa but the most popular has to be football/soccer. The 2010 World Cup was hosted in South Africa and this certainly boosted the sport’s popularity in the country. Basketball, Horse Racing and Rugby are also very popular sports to bet on.

    Keep reading for more background on the most popular sports to bet on in South Africa. 


    Football is the world’s most popular sport so it comes as no surprise to see it on this list. The diversity of the sport makes it universally loved around the world. As long as you have a ball, you can play football anywhere. Pretty much every child from every background will have played football in some kind of fashion. 

    The 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa which boosted the popularity of the sport here as well. The most popular leagues to bet on in SA are:

    • Premier League 

    • La Liga

    • Serie A

    • UEFA Champions League

    These are considered the top European leagues and the highest quality of football that you’ll find. The Premier League in particular is very popular in South Africa, all of these leagues will be available at the best football betting sites. 

    Horse Racing

    Horse Racing is a very controversial sport but it is one of the most popular gambling sports in the world. The UK in particular has a very strong horse racing community with festivals such as Cheltenham drawing attention worldwide thanks to the betting opportunities. The Grand National race is another British event that is massively popular here in South Africa. 

    The beauty of horse racing is that it practically never stops. There are races held almost every day and most of them can be live-streamed at horse racing betting sites which is a massive plus. It is a very unique sport to bet on and we recommend giving it a go. 

    American Football

    American football is hugely popular in the USA. According to statistics, three in four American citizens follow the sport. This popularity translates internationally as well. Most of the world will have taken some sort of interest or heard of the Super Bowl, even if it’s just for the famous half-time show! 

    There are a huge amount of tipsters that base their strategy around purely NFL and a lot of them are very successful. These can easily be followed here as a lot of American football betting sites are available in South Africa. 


    Tennis is another sport that is a very popular one to gamble on not just in South Africa but worldwide. The major Grand Slams such as Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open and the US Open. If you’re a tennis fan in South Africa you'll have definitely heard of Lloyd Harris. He has been ranked as high as 31st in the world on the ATP rankings. He is one of the most successful modern-day South African tennis players around. 

    There are plenty of high-quality tennis betting sites to choose from in South Africa and there are constant markets that you can bet on. The tennis calendar is very busy which is for betting.


    Volleyball is a fantastic sport to play, watch and bet on. It has millions of fans globally and draws attention in South Africa. The top betting sites will offer a very diverse range of volleyball betting markets. Both international and domestic competitions will be offered which is fantastic for volleyball aficionados. 

    The Olympic games draw a lot of attention to the sport of volleyball. Both indoor and beach volleyball is played at the Olympics and volleyball betting sites will offer markets for both. The South African volleyball team has never made the podium, unfortunately. 


    Esports are another type of sport that split opinion. Some see video games as not a real sport but it is in fact recognised as such and can be gambled on in the country of South Africa. From the FIFA series to Fortnite, there are a lot of video games that have become professional sports in the last decade. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about esports betting odds definitely check out our esports betting sites page. Not many are familiar with this type of betting odds.


    It’s like football but with your hands! Handball is a very exciting sport that often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. There are some diverse markets at handball betting sites but by far the most popular handball event to bet on is the Olympic games. 

    Handball is very popular in Germany. It is the biggest team sport there, behind football. In terms of betting, it is vastly popular everywhere around the world and South Africa is no exception to this. The main markets aside from the Olympics to bet on are all based in Europe. You’ll want to be familiar with the EHF Champions League, Handball Bundesliga and Liga ASOBAL before you get cracking. 

    Ice Hockey 

    Ice Hockey is one of North America's most popular sports but its reach doesn’t stop on that side of the Atlantic. The sport is popular even as far as South Africa. Due to the climates in Africa, it isn’t a sport that is played much but a lot of residents still enjoy watching and gambling on it.

    The most popular league to bet on by far is the NHL or the National Hockey League which features franchises from both the USA and Canada. The best ice hockey betting sites will offer even more than just the NHL, but we recommend sticking with the NHL if you’re new to the sport. This is because it has the largest coverage by some distance. 

    Things to Avoid in Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

    There may be a plethora of things to draw you into a South African betting site, but there are also a few things to avoid when betting. It takes a lot of skill to construct a perfect bet and a perfect bet cannot always be produced. In the sporting world, quite literally anything can happen so you can never be 100% sure that a bet will come in.      

    This next section is designed to help you through the process of eliminating negatives and keeping you on the right side of sports betting. 

    Not Managing Bankroll
    Placing Too Many Bets
    Not Researching Bets
    Using One Sports Betting Website
    Betting for the Sake of it

    When you begin your online betting journey, you will have to say goodbye to some cash. The aim is to win the money you stake back and more but it can be very easy to build up a streak of losses and ultimately lose money. This is why it is of utmost importance to constantly be checking your bankroll. You can do this very easily at most online sports betting site options. There will be a banking section where you can check your profit and loss.

    Another mistake you'll want to avoid is placing too many bets. When you're just starting out, we recommend a maximum of three small bets per week. If you're placing loads of bets, you simply won't have time to research all of them adequately and you'll end up wasting money. At South African betting sites, there are a lot of markets and betting options, these can be explored in due time and you do not need to rush.

    Research is key in betting. You won't beat any online sportsbooks without strong and thorough research into the bet slip. Don't play betting games and just throw random sections in. Take your time. All the betting sites you try will offer big odds boosts on the crazier selections but this doesn't mean you should back them. Read about sports online before you place any sports bets.

    There are mountains of high-quality sports betting websites that all offer unique and fantastic sports betting services. This is why you should register for multiple different ones. You'll be able to claim all the welcome bonuses, scour all the best sports online betting sites and markets and you won't miss any boosted odds. The smartest bettors will be registered to at least three of the top sports betting sites. Take advantage of the growing online betting world here in South Africa. Choose betting sites that we recommend if you're looking for the best.

    Another thing to avoid when using South African betting sites is simply placing bets for the sake of doing so. A general rule of thumb to live by is to only bet on events you plan on watching. This won't have to be the case forever but when you're first starting out, it makes sense to bet on games you're going to actually watch. Betting on live games is very fun and offers the most immersive experiences. Take advantage of this and don't get caught betting on things you'll never ever watch!

    Most Common Bonuses You Can Find at Sports Betting Sites South Africa

    We've touched on them prior but the welcome bonus and any other bonus bets are one of the best parts of using South African bookmakers. Welcome bonuses are a great little boost at the beginning of your online gambling career and the other bonuses offer some sweet rewards for loyalty.

    As you can imagine, there are a lot of different types of bonuses in the betting world that all have their own pros and cons. This section aims to teach you about some of the most common bonus bets that South African punters use every single day with the most common and most popular type of bonus at legal betting sites.

    Welcome Offers

    Welcome bonuses are a new South African bettor's best friend. They give you a nice little bit of experimental funds to use after you register. There are a few different ways to unlock welcome bonus credits but there are two main ways:

    Deposit Bonuses

    The first way to unlock a free bet upon registration at a betting site is the 'deposit bonus' or 'bet and get bonus'. These are pretty straightforward to understand. You simply deposit the required amount and you will be then eligible to claim your free bets.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    Another way to unlock free bets is to simply sign-up. This is known as no-deposit bonuses. Fewer and fewer South African betting sites are offering this. If you see it, definitely make the most out of it!

    Free Bets

    Free bets are one of the cornerstones of any betting site in South Africa. They allow you to bet on something completely risk-free, which means you can be experimental and daring when using them.

    We often like to use a free bet on a big accumulator or bet builder. Earning a free bet can be done in a number of different ways, here are a few different ways you can secure free bets:

    • Welcome bonuses,

    • Loyalty programs,

    • Promotional periods,

    • Daily log-in rewards.

    Once you have a free bet in your account, you can use it on any bet slip of your choosing. We suggest going for odds between 3-6/1 to give yourself the best chance of winning. The only unfortunate thing with a free bet is that you won't get the stake back with any returns. The only winnings that can be made from free bets are the winnings themselves.

    Reload Bonus

    Reload bonuses are a little less common than your everyday free bet but they still have a place in the online betting world. They aren't offered by many places but the best betting sites in South Africa will take advantage of them from time to time.

    The premise is simple for reload bonuses. During the promotional time, any funds you deposit up to a certain amount will be credited back to you in the form of free bets. It's basically a risk-free bet.

    You can take advantage of matched betting with reload bonuses to guarantee profits in some cases. This isn't allowed at every South African betting site but a lot of them will allow it.


    Cashback offers are one of our personal favourite bonuses in the betting world. They are simply fantastic for South African bettors. Let us explain how they work: on selected events, you are given a refund of your stake if your bet loses. This can either be as cash out in the form of free betting credits. There are a few different types of cashback bonuses available at online betting sites in South Africa. Here is a couple that stands out to us.

    Acca Insurance

    Acca insurance is offered at a lot of the best betting sites and it's always a welcomed sight. Accumulator bets, known as accas or parlays are essentially multiple bets. They require multiple selections to be successful in order for the bet to come in.

    With acca insurance, if one of the selections doesn't come in then you will have your stake refunded as either cash or free betting credits.

    Loyalty Cashback

    Betting sites in South Africa reward bettors' loyalty with cashback bonuses in some cases. The way this works is that a percentage of your total spend during a certain time period will be granted back to you in the form of cash or free bets. This encourages bettors to spend more at the same betting site.

    Crypto Offers

    Crypto bookies have become a big part of sports betting in the last half-decade or so. The introduction of crypto as a payment method has been taken very well and many have made the switch. It has also seen some crypto investors try their hand at sports betting simply because it gives them an application for their crypto other than simply investing. Some South African betting sites will offer betting rewards when using crypto.

    Pros and Cons of South Africa Betting Sites



    • A vast array of betting markets.
    • Plenty of payment method options.
    • Fantastic bonuses offered all year round.
    • Good customer service.


    • Lack of live streaming at a lot of sites.
    • Not many strong betting apps.
    • Time zones can affect betting on live games.

    Betting on Traditional Events vs Betting on Esports

    With the rising popularity of esports when online betting in South Africa you may be thinking of placing a few bets yourself. If you've never done it before then it can be a daunting thing, but like anything, it all comes with time, deception and experience. Here is how we stack up esports and real sports betting.

    Traditional betting
    Check icon

    Based on real-life sports, played by real people.

    Check icon

    Massive amounts of unique markets.

    Cancel icon

    Requires real knowledge of the sports for long-term success.

    Cancel icon

    Can take much longer for an outcome to be decided.

    Check icon

    Sports betting has more luck and intuition involved.


    ESports betting
    Check icon

    Based on video games.

    Check icon

    Lots of betting options, more than some sports.

    Check icon

    Can be picked up relatively quickly.

    Cancel icon

    Not a lot of tournaments to bet on.

    Check icon

    Data can be used to predict results more accurately.


    South African betting sites are only going to keep expanding and expanding to meet the demands of the people. Betting fever has well and truly hit the bottom of Africa and we are here for it! There are a lot of different sites in South Africa that all offer their own merit, but your next step is to choose one. All of the betting options on our site are guaranteed to be high quality. They have strong markets, user-friendly betting apps, live betting options and lovely customer service teams.

    We have tried and tested all of them to ensure that our readers will get the best experience using our recommended sites. They all abide by the National Gambling Act too! If you're unsure about your betting strategy, then stay tuned with us here at Betpack. We have multiple strategy guides coming in the near future to help you get the best out of South African betting sites. From football to cricket to ice hockey we cover it all!

    We hope this guide has helped forge you all into fantastic sports bettors and we look forward to hearing some cracking success stories. If you still have some burning questions make sure to read through our FAQ section where we have answered some popular Western Cape gambling queries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Best Betting Sites in South Africa?

    There are many top sports betting websites in South Africa. Check out any from our list on this page and we guarantee you'll have a positive online gambling and live betting experience.

    Are there Free Bets at South African Betting Sites?

    Most sports betting sites in South Africa will offer free bets. Both deposit free bets and non-deposit free bets can be found.

    Is there Live Betting at SA Betting Sites?

    Yes, you will be able to get involved with live betting at South African bookmakers. There are plenty of sites that also stream live games to bettors too. You may need to place a minimum odds bet in order to watch the stream though!

    Are Betting Sites Safe in South Africa?

    All our recommended gambling sites that allow you to sports bet in South Africa are safe. We always suggest using a top betting site to avoid safety issues.

    How Many South African Bookmakers are there?

    There're plenty of betting apps and online sports betting sites in South Africa. The best betting site options will also offer live betting games.

    Is there a Good Sports Betting Market in South Africa?

    Yes! There are great markets available in South Africa! Pretty much anything you can imagine can be bet on at the best betting sites.

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