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Hedge betting is a decent strategy that can mitigate risks or even guarantee returns. However, since hedging bets is not that simple, we’ve constructed a hedge bet calculator to help. In the guide below, we’ll show you how to use it and why that’s a good idea.

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Hedge Bet Calculator


Lay Bet (Exchange)



At odds 2 you could lay: $0.00
Liability will be: $0.00
Overall profit will be: $0.00


Bookmaker Exchange Total
If Back (Bookmakers) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00
If Lay (Exchange) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00

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100% up to R3000

Table of Contents

    What is a Hedge Bet Calculator?

    A hedge bet calculator is a free and advanced tool that allows you to place hedge bets with ease. Known as hedging, it’s not a bet like the Yankee or Canadian. Hedging is a betting strategy that involves placing a bet that’s in direct contrast to the wager you placed previously.

    This is done to reduce risks or guarantee a profit. In most cases, hedging is the opposite of the original wager, but that’s not always the case. A sports betting hedge calculator can help you determine if hedging bets is a good idea on certain matches. Instead of doing manual calculations and losing precious time in return, our premium tool will do it all in minutes.

    How to Use Hedge Bet Calculator

    From start to finish, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to check your results. The hedge bet tool is free to use and available to bettors on our desktop website or the go. It only has a few simple fields where you enter the details which will help you determine if hedging in your case is worth it.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Account
    Enter Your Original Bet and Stake Step 1

    Enter Your Original Bet and Stake

    It all starts by entering the original bet. This is the bet you’ll hedge against, so make sure to input the right odds. You can easily switch between decimal, fractional, or American odds thanks to our hedge bet calculator.

    Input the Details of the Lay Bet Step 2

    Input the Details of the Lay Bet

    Next up are the details of the lay bet. Enter the correct odds from your betting exchange of choice. Provide the decimal odds or change to another type you prefer.

    Enter the Commission Step 3

    Enter the Commission

    Betting exchanges have been commissioned, and this is the next detail you’ll need to enter in the correct field. The calculator needs this detail to correctly calculate the returns.

    Check Out the Results Step 4

    Check Out the Results

    Check out the final result. You will see the stake you need to enter for the lay bet and the liability or profits on the spot.

    Why Use the Hedge Bet Calculator?

    Hedge bets can be a bit tricky to calculate. Depending on the event, you will need to determine what the best strategy is. The calculator is here to make things easier for you. Instead of writing everything down - which will take a lot of time - you will finish in just a couple of minutes by entering the required data.

    • Hedge a Parlay Bet: Hedging a parlay bet involves using a hedge calculator strategically to ensure a guaranteed profit. Parlays combine multiple single bets, and all selections must win for a payout. With a hedge calculator, you can optimize your strategy, especially when facing high-risk bets with substantial rewards. For example, if four out of five selections have already won, hedging the final match with a bet larger than the original can secure a win regardless of the outcome.

    • Hedge a Futures Bet: In the case of hedging a futures bet, such as pre-betting on upcoming sports events, maybe an American Football or Basketball, you can maximize profits by strategically placing bets when the odds are favourable. For instance, if you initially bet on the favourite team, you can wait until the event is closed and hedge by placing a bet on the opponent. This approach increases the likelihood of securing a profit, regardless of the final outcome.

    It’s a stress-free way to calculate hedging and determine the optimal stake. With the calculator, you’ll also see if your lay bet will be profitable. It does everything automatically, and you don’t need to be a tech whizz to learn the final result. It should be noted that such a calculator is not present at betting exchanges. Use it at will or on the go and you’ll always know if the returns are worth it.

    Betpack Tips for Effectively Using the Hedge Bet Calculator

    Using the calculator is free and easy to do. However, since hedging is generally a strategy for seasoned bettors, there are a few tips to know before you start using it.

    Adjust Your Bet

    Use it Before Hedging

    Experiment with Different Lay Bets

    You should always gamble responsibly, and that applies to hedging too. When using our calculator, you can input any stake. But, if you want to keep your bankroll intact, you should start with smaller bets. Adjust your bet accordingly and you’ll see if hedging is the thing you need.

    There’s no limit to the number of times you can use the hedge bet calculator on this page. We suggest using it every time before you start hedging. It’s the smart thing to do and will help you determine the best approach moving forward.

    If the result is not satisfactory, you can easily adjust your stakes and odds. Try different betting exchanges, enter various commissions, odds, and stakes, and adjust the result to your liking.

    Benefits of the Hedge Bet Calculator

    The hedge bet calculator makes hedging much easier. It saves a lot of time when hedging bets, and will provide results within minutes. Instead of writing everything down or using a calculator for complex math, it does it all automatically for you.

    It saves time and saves you from the stress-inducing experience of doing everything yourself. Plus, you can also use it on your mobile phone. If you’re the type of bettor who prefers placing bets on the go, either with betting apps or mobile versions of betting sites, it can be of great value.


    The hedge bet calculator is a premium tool for all your hedging needs. This particular strategy may not be for new bettors, but seasoned bettors will find the calculator powerful enough to settle their debates once and for all.

    It’s free to use and takes just a short time so you can see if your planned hedging will go according to plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is a Hedge Bet in Betting?

    Hedge betting is a strategy where a bettor places a wager that conflicts with their previous one. It aims to minimize risks or even guarantee profit.

    What’s a Hedging Calculator?

    A hedging calculator is a tool you can use to determine the outcome of your hedge bets. It’s free to use and only needs a few elements to find the optimal stake and result.

    What are the Most Suitable Sports Markets for Hedging?

    Hedge betting is commonly used on football parlays. It’s also suitable for futures or in-play betting markets where things can take a quick turn.

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