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    Neither, nor our affiliates, associates, partners, and subsidiaries are created to give financial advice. The Betpack website and the information on it can be used solely for entertainment purposes. All the services we offer are free of charge, and you are not required to subscribe or activate membership plans.

    Defining the Services

    Betpack is a sports wagering affiliate platform that operates as an independent third-party website. is not possessed by a gambling or sports wagering provider, meaning the Betpack website is not a place where you can place sports bets or gamble. The Betpack platform only gives website visitors information such as news, betting site reviews, and similar content.

    At, we have promotional banners and advertisements for sports betting operators and wagering service providers. We explicitly declare that we are not connected to any of these service providers and cannot be considered liable for the betting operators that are associated with However, our association with these entities earns us commission via search engine-related activities.

    We do our best to keep updated and give you accurate information at the time you access the website. However, we cannot guarantee that the data we publish will be accurate, as information changes. The content we publish is correct at the time of publishing. However, we cannot give any promises or guarantees. 

    Betpack cannot be considered responsible for the experience of our readers who follow an external link. Online gaming and sports wagering come with risks, and readers are responsible for their own actions and decisions. As an independent affiliate of service providers, we present what we think are the best platforms. By using, you acknowledge that you understand this and consent not to hold liable for financial losses or an inferior betting experience.

    Important Notes

    1. The information found on our website is meant for bettors. We are not responsible for the decisions readers make or the accuracy of the content on our website. 
    2. We cannot be held responsible for financial losses incurred as a result of losing bets. We are not a sports betting service provider, and we do not take sports wagers.
    3. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be subjected to changes without informing our readers about it. It is Betpack's visitors' responsibility to stay informed of our legal terms before and while using our website.
    4. Betting and gambling are risky endeavours. You should only wager using the money you can afford to lose. We cannot be considered responsible for the financial losses you incur while betting online.
    5. We update our website on a regular basis but are aware that some information may not be accurate. When that is the case, we cannot be considered responsible for the losses you suffer while pursuing that information. Visitors should check all facts and data they find on with other independent sources.
    6. Betting for real money involves risk. Moreover, all bets are placed as the choice of an individual. Therefore, does not claim that you will earn money while following the advice we give. We also are not responsible for the losses you incur.
    7. aims to familiarise prospective bettors and website users with the best ways to gamble and bet online. We do not encourage or compel Betpack readers to gamble if they do not want to do that.
    8. has outbound links taking users to the websites of our associates. However, your experience with these service providers is not our responsibility.
    9. We do our best to provide the best odds available online and help you win. However, you need to be aware that odds change and the best we can do is give you the correct odds at the time the content is published. We never guarantee that Betpack users will win when they follow our betting advice. We also cannot be held responsible for our users' financial losses. 
    10. Previous results do not guarantee future outcomes. There are no results that will inevitably happen in sports wagering for real money. Users should only bet with money they are prepared to lose.

    Readers of are advised to acquaint themselves with the legal conditions of our website before continuing to use it. We cannot be considered responsible for any misconceptions or differences in interpretation. readers have to be at least 18 years old to use the website. Keep in mind that local age stipulations may apply too.

    We hold data privacy in high regard and only gather information as outlined in the Betpack Privacy Policy. We do not share your information with unauthorized platforms. Bettors should gamble responsibly and spend only money they can afford to lose.

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