Boku Betting Sites in South Africa

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If you’re looking for the top Boku betting sites in South Africa, you’re in the right spot. In recent years, there’s been a growing trend of bettors placing bets from their mobile phones. That’s not a surprise – we pay bills and shop with our phones, so why not bet with them? The online sports betting industry is always keeping up with players’ wants and needs, so it has started developing new payment methods that are perfectly suited for betting on the go.
Boku Inc
Payment types


  • You can make an immediate deposit but pay later
  • Accepted by an increasing number of bookies
  • The one true mobile payment method
  • As safe as it gets due to SMS verification
  • Great for beginners due to the low limits


  • Not great for high rollers
  • No withdrawals
  • Still limited availability
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The Best Boku Betting Sites 2024

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Table of Contents

    Boku is the premier solution among mobile payment apps. It’s a perfect pick for new bettors as there’s a hard limit, and a great option for casual players as you can deposit now and play later. Of course, there are many advantages and disadvantages to this option, and we’ll discuss them further in this article below.

    Best Betting Sites That Accept Boku

    Boku betting sites are becoming increasingly common. In that sea of sportsbooks, it can be challenging to find the right one. Of course, that’s why we’re here. Betpack’s mission is to give our readers the best bookies in the industry, and that’s what you’ll find on this page. We’ll show you the top sportsbooks that accept Boku so you can pay with your phone bill and forget about it.

    Our team works hard to find the most trusted betting sites that accept Boku. We will never share with you unlicensed sites or those who use predatory techniques to steal your money or worse, your personal information. That’s why we call them the best betting sites with Boku. They truly are the best, so you can rest assured you won’t make the wrong choice.

    What is Boku and How Does It Work?

    It’s easy to say that Boku is a mobile payment option. But, when you’re betting on sports on the Internet, all digital payment methods are mobile-optimized. They either work via special apps or have simplified their payments for mobile devices. Boku is neither of those options. Instead, it’s a mobile payment solution that lets you pay with your phone bill. As such, it’s the ultimate payment solution that can truly be called mobile.

    Boku works in a simple way. You need to have an active mobile phone number and a monthly bill. The charge with Boku goes on that particular bill. As soon as you register at a betting site with Boku and choose it as a payment method, you enter your number, and the desired amount, and confirm the transaction via SMS. It’s one of the safest payment methods out there, as there’s no account to crack. Deposits are instant, but there are obvious limitations – you won’t be able to withdraw using Boku, and the limits are smaller than what e-wallets offer. There’s no service fee when you use Boku to fund your sportsbook account. The charge will be added to your monthly bill, so you make the deposit right now, and pay for it later (next month).

    How We Find the Best Boku Bookmakers?

    It’s not easy to find the best Boku bookmakers in South Africa. It was easier earlier when there were just a few, but with an increased number of betting sites accepting the mobile payment method, it’s a challenging process.

    With that said, we do everything we can to make your decision easier. In the paragraphs below, we’ll show you how we find the best Boku bookmakers on the market in 2024.


    We Check the Licence First

    When we rate the top Boku sports betting sites, we always check the licence. Our team only accepts licensed bookies. We will never recommend sportsbooks without a licence, so you can only get the best possible betting experience online.


    Analyse the Markets and Odds

    Just like a casino needs a wide range of slots and games, a bookie needs to have plenty of sports betting markets. The best Boku sportsbooks on this page are loaded with all kinds of markets across a variety of sports and have competitive odds.


    Check the Bonuses and Promotions

    Free bets and other types of bonuses and promotions are an integral part of your online betting experience. Top-rated Boku bookies have a lot of these offers waiting for you, starting with a welcome offer. It’s usually a free bet, but a deposit bonus is not uncommon.


    Read Real User Reviews

    Lastly, we round things off by checking the online reputation of every Boku betting site. We then compare real user reviews with our opinions and write about it on this page so you can get a clear overview of what to expect.

    Facts About Boku Betting

    Facts About Boku Betting Facts About Boku Betting

    Betting With Boku

    Betting with Boku is becoming quite a hit in South Africa and elsewhere around the world. As you may already know, betting shops are slowly being pushed out of the industry. New digital payment solutions are taking their place, and Boku is the leader when it comes to mobile betting apps. It’s not just a ‘mobile’ payment option you can use anytime and anywhere. It allows you to literally pay with your phone—or rather phone bill—without fees.

    In many ways, it’s the next logical step in the evolution of online gambling payment solutions. Similar to credit card deposits, you’re spending money on credit. However, the limits are much lower than those set by credit cards, so the risk of gambling addiction is significantly reduced.

    You’ve probably noticed that we use the term ‘deposit now, pay later’ a lot in relation to Boku. That’s how it works. You can fund your sportsbook account with any amount at any point, and once the deposit is completed, you’ll repay what you owe later – it will show up on your monthly phone bill the next time you’re due. In that case, you can pay it with cash, or the amount will be deducted from your credit or debit card, depending on how you’ve set things up.

    It's the perfect option for beginners as the deposit limits are not that stretched. For example, when compared to Bitcoin, the limits are much lower. Those generally sit at around $100 per transaction, but keep in mind that the Boku limits are imposed by the operator itself and country-dependent. Additionally, a Boku betting site may also set limits on its own, which can further impose on the money you’re planning to spend.

    This is a good thing for players who can't control their habits. However, high-rollers will be put off by this idea, as they’re often inclined to spend large sums of money.

    Overall, Boku is a solid option, not unlike prepaid vouchers which also have low limits. If you feel like you don’t want to spend a lot on sports betting, but you still want to place at least some bets regularly, it is an excellent pick.

    How To Register at Boku Bookmakers

    Registration at Boku betting sites shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It’s a simple, straightforward process that you can complete on a PC or mobile device. No need to do anything special. It’s the same process as at any other bookie on the web.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Find a Trusted Boku Betting Site Step 1

    Find a Trusted Boku Betting Site

    The first thing you need to do is find a reputable Boku bookmaker. That can be a bit hard as there’s an influx of these betting sites. But, instead of doing the research on your own, you should make a pick on our website. They’re all licensed bookmakers you can trust.

    Look for the Sign Up Button Step 2

    Look for the Sign Up Button

    The Sign Up or Register button is usually located in the top-right corner. But, it can be found in any other part of the site. Click on it or tap the button on your mobile phone and follow the instructions. The best Boku betting sites in South Africa won’t need a lot of information, but your email and name will be required.

    Complete Email Verification Step 3

    Complete Email Verification

    You should now receive an email with a verification link. Click on it, and you’ll confirm your new betting account. You’re now free to browse the sportsbook, make a deposit, or check out the promotions. But, in order to withdraw, you’ll have to pass the KYC verification.

    Deposit and Start Betting Step 4

    Deposit and Start Betting

    Choose Boku from the list of payment options, enter the desired amount, and complete your first deposit. There might be a welcome bonus on the promotions page. Claim it, and you can start betting on your favourite sports or discover new betting frontiers.

    How To Make Boku Withdrawals?

    If there’s one major disadvantage when using Boku, it’s the lack of withdrawals. Being a unique payment method where you pay later for a current deposit, it’s not possible to withdraw money to pay your monthly phone bill.

    In this case, the only thing you can do is pick another method to withdraw winnings. But, don’t worry. The best Boku betting sites have a variety of options to pick from, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and other options. In general, most bookies issue withdrawals based on the options you’ve used to make a deposit, but in this case, you will be allowed to pick an alternative.

    Boku vs Apple Pay Sportsbooks

    Boku is the one true mobile payment method, but there are others that allow you to pay with your phone. However, in a different context. Google Pay and Apple Pay are the most popular in this regard, although the latter is much more popular in South Africa. Below, you can see a direct comparison between the two payment methods, which should give you a clear idea of what to expect if you decide to use either one.

    Boku Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    Instant deposits that you pay later

    Cancel icon

    Deposit limits are low

    Check icon

    Instant transactions with no fees

    Check icon

    Easy to use and available 24/7

    Cancel icon

    You must have a mobile phone number


    Apple Pay Betting Sites
    Cancel icon

    Instant deposits that are deducted from your cards immediately

    Check icon

    Higher deposit limits

    Check icon

    Available for withdrawals (via debit/credit cards)

    Check icon

    Easy to use and always available

    Check icon

    Can be used on any iOS device

    Boku Experiences

    “The payment method I’ve been looking for all my life! I'm not a big spender at betting sites, so Boku suits me well. Shame about no withdrawals, but there are many alternatives available on the market.” - Jake B.

    “I've been using it for a while now, and I’m pretty impressed. You can make instant deposits with no fees and pay them later. And you’re not sharing anything but your mobile phone number. Recommended!” - Katherine H.

    “I'd using it this month and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. It’s easy to make a deposit, and as safe as it gets. Withdrawals are not possible, but you can use many alternatives, so not that much of a problem.” - Jabulani M.

    Mobile Compatibility at Boku Bookmakers

    One of the things that players love about Boku is that they don’t need a special account. The service works with any mobile device, and ties into your monthly bill when you make a deposit. Many of the world’s largest digital commerce brands use Boku, and so do the top South African betting sites.

    As we mentioned, you don’t need to create a separate Boku account to use it and bet online. You can do that on the go by simply choosing the service and entering your phone number. That will get you started right away, so you can make a deposit without any fees. The money lands fast, and you get to pay your next monthly bill, which is very convenient.

    The fact that it’s a service also means you don’t need an app. With that being said, if your favorite Boku betting site has one, feel free to use it. But, many don’t, and the service works just fine when you log in from a mobile browser. It’s a perfectly legit service to use and one that’s also easy to use, making it a hit among Mzansi bettors.

    Betting on the go at Boku bookmakers is a breeze. Their mobile-optimized websites are a perfect mirror to the desktop site, so navigation is a breeze. All the sports, markets, and events are there. The odds never differ. That’s why most South African bettors prefer to bet on the go rather than fund their account with Boku and play from home.

    Why would you do that when you have the freedom to go anywhere and bet anytime? Thanks to Boku, you don’t even need your credit or debit card.

    Alternatives to Boku Bookmakers

    As mentioned earlier, the biggest drawback of using Boku at South African betting sites is the withdrawals. To put it simply, you can’t claim your winnings with Boku. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives. For example, you can stick to your credit or debit cards, or you can choose from a wide range of e-wallets that online bookies seem to love.

    Below we’ll discuss some of them and show you their strengths so you can pick the right option.

    Credit/Debit Cards

    Visa and Mastercard have been there for bettors for decades, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Most bettors don’t want to experiment and will stick with what they know. Both credit and debit cards are available for deposits and withdrawals. Due to the fact that they’re linked to your bank account, security is as rigid as it gets. Plus, they work fast, have reasonable limits, and are accepted everywhere. If you’re looking for a withdrawal alternative to Boku, these two are a great choice.


    Not all Boku betting sites will accept Bitcoin. However, if you find some that do, you should think about it as your withdrawal alternative. Bitcoin and the blockchain are an exciting concept that’s called the future of online gambling and betting. Buying your first Bitcoins is easy in South Africa, where the youth is pretty interested in it. Bitcoin offers instant withdrawals (most likely after approval) for low (blockchain) fees and with even higher safety than a bank transfer. It’s almost the perfect fit unless you’re a bettor who prefers to deposit and withdraw with fiat money payment methods.


    If there’s one wallet Mzansi bettors love to use, it’s ecoPayz. And it’s easy to see why. It’s got a user-friendly interface, works anytime and anywhere, and protects your data by not sharing any personal or financial details. It’s fast and available for both deposits and withdrawals. Neteller and Skrill are also there, but for our money, we’d take ecoPayz because of the lower fees. You don’t need to share your bank details when you sign up for it. Fees at ecoPayz betting sites are low, and unlike NETELLER and Skrill, it can be used to claim bonuses and free bets. In more ways than one, ecoPayz might be the best Boku alternative.


    Not that ecoPayz or other e-wallets aren’t legit, but PayPal is the chief in this sector. The world’s leading e-wallet only collaborates with legitimate companies. In short, if your Boku betting site of choice accepts PayPal, you’ve found the perfect match. PayPal is an e-wallet that works both ways, has relatively low fees, and is fast when depositing or withdrawing money. It’s an excellent alternative, but a bit hard to find, so make sure your bookie of choice has it.

    Types of Sports You Can Bet on With Boku

    Boku betting sites are absolutely loaded with sports. They feature dozens of available sports to bet on and even more markets. The odds are competitive too, as everyone is trying to get a piece of the action and get the most bettors. With so many options to pick from, you can bet on any sport you like. Below we’ll show you the top few that you should find at most Boku betting sites in Africa.


    Football is the biggest sport in the world, and South Africa is not immune to its influence. It’s the ‘default’ sport at most betting sites. Join any Boku betting sites and chances are you’ll find football betting matches shared in the centre of the screen. You can bet on fixed odds and live betting events with as many markets as you can think of.

    We’re not just talking match winners – those are a given. Outrights in the Premier League and Champions League get a lot of attention, and so do spreads. Goal betting is extremely popular, and the lure of live betting on football matches is simply too big to ignore.


    Basketball—especially the NBA—has a huge influence in South Africa. Spreads are the most common way Mzansi bettors bet on the NBA. There are both team and individual spreads, so you get plenty of action to bet on from the comfort of your home or on the go. With so many matches in the NBA during the regular season and excitement in the playoffs and finals, there’s a lot to bet on.

    Bettors also love individual NBA bets, such as props on the biggest stars. These bets can be particularly lucrative and offer a more fun experience than just picking the team to win.


    Rugby is a big hit in Africa, especially in national competitions when the Proteas play. It’s available at all Boku betting sites, and the markets come with more than decent odds. If you’re from South Africa, you’ve probably placed a bet or two on rugby, similar to cricket.


    Rugby and cricket are nearly equally popular in South Africa. The best Boku betting sites will cover all the major international matches and give you a preview of all the major competitions and tournaments that can deliver amazing returns.


    UFC is becoming quite a popular market among Mzansi bettors. Due to the global popularity of these fights, you can look for early odds and live betting to maximize your chances of best returns.

    Boku Betting Summary

    Betting online with Boku is an excellent option for beginners in South Africa. The mobile payment method is a perfect pick for beginners due to the low limits. High rollers may not like it, but if you like to keep things under control, it’s a great fit.

    Plus, you get to pay next month, which is convenient. Also, the fact that you don’t need an account or anything else, but a phone number makes it a truly mobile payment method you’ll love using.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Boku Betting Sites in South Africa Legit?

    Yes, they are. On this page, we’ve collected the top Boku betting sites in the country, and all of them are trusted sportsbooks that you don’t have to worry about.

    Can I Withdraw Money With Boku?

    Unfortunately, it’s a one-way street, which means deposits only. But, top-rated Boku bookmakers offer plenty of alternatives, so you won’t find it hard to pick one.

    Is Using Boku at the Bookies Free?

    Yes, it is. The service itself is free too, and you won’t be charged a cent for using it at online sports betting sites.

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