Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa

Tennis is a massively popular sport all over the planet and for good reason. The excitement, drama and athleticism on the show are simply phenomenal. Using tennis betting sites to place bets on tennis only heightens the watching experience. The vast amount of markets and major grand slams make tennis a brilliant sport to bet on. 

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The Best Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa 2024

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Table of Contents

    Today at Betpack we are here to help you new tennis bettors get well on your way at tennis betting sites. We will cover the whole process from choosing the best tennis betting site for you to registering to place that first tennis bet. The process is actually much simpler than you might think and it is definitely worth doing.

    You have picked the perfect time to delve into tennis betting, we are just a few months away from the Wimbledon Championships which is one of the biggest grand slam tournaments there is, if not the biggest. During this time, there are loads of high-quality male and female tennis matches on offer. The competition is played on the iconic grass courts of England and the players wear traditional white gear. It's a spectacle. During this time we are treated to some of the most extensive tennis betting markets. It's a great time to be placing tennis bets. Let's serve one in and get started!

    Best Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa

    In South Africa, tennis betting sites are not huge, but their popularity is certainly rising. The major grand slam tournaments see the biggest spike in tennis betting attention. The people of South Africa tend to turn their heads towards tennis bookmakers mainly during those massive contests. This includes Wimbledon and some more grand slam events that we will discuss in further detail later.

    This guide will help you begin your tennis betting journey. One of the most important parts of betting is the bookie you use. This is why we have compiled a list of the best tennis betting sites for you. Each site on our list excels in providing the best tennis betting experience. The online betting sites we list all have great betting odds, and betting lines and some even offer live streaming! Have a look at a few of the tennis betting sites on our list and we're sure that you'll find something you like. And when that first free bet wins, you'll feel on top of the world.

    How We Choose the Best Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa

    Before you click one of our links and register for one of the best tennis bookmakers, you may be interested in how we find these tennis betting websites. You'll be glad to know that process isn't too difficult to replicate yourself. Follow this simple four-step guide and you'll find the best betting sites in no time at all.


    Identify Best Tennis Bookmakers

    The first thing you'll want to do is formulate a preliminary list of betting sites that offer tennis markets. Not every top betting site offers tennis betting features. Find 5-10 top tennis betting sites and we can begin to narrow things down using a process of elimination.


    Background Check Bookmakers

    Next on the agenda you will need to start digging into your list and learning about each tennis betting site that you have selected. Take note of the CEO and the company that own/run them. Have a little look into these too and try to eliminate those with any history of negativity. This will help prevent you from having any kind of bet regret.


    Check Tennis Betting Markets

    The betting markets and tennis bookmakers are very important. When betting gets too repetitive, it can become boring very, very quickly. Having a variety of popular tennis betting markets is crucial.


    Test Live Tennis Betting

    Live betting on live tennis couldn't be more fun. It gives a completely different experience than placing bets before. If you know tennis well, you can analyse the action as you go and place bets that come from more than just stats. The best tennis betting sites offer both live betting and live streaming. The combination of these two works like a treat.

    Best Tennis Betting Bookmakers

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    Popular Tennis Tournaments at Online Bookmakers

    The tennis season is absolutely great and that's because it never really stops. The International Tennis Federation host many tennis events across the year that are all unique and fantastic in their own way. When these tournaments are played the tennis bookies offer some great betting odds and even free bets which are often exclusive to that particular tournament.

    This next section aims to share with you all of the biggest tennis tournaments on the calendar. The ones with the biggest prize pools and the best players attract the most tennis fans. There are a few, but once you know them a bit better you will be able to pick the ones you fancy. All of them have some incredible odds to take advantage of.

    What is a Grand Slam?

    Grand Slams are the biggest tournaments in the sport of tennis, there are four of them held annually in four different locations. They all come with their own unique challenges and excitement. Keep reading to learn more about each individual Grand Slam.


    Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament to date and is regarded by many as the most prestigious. There is something about Wimbledon that just screams prestige. We have mentioned it already in this guide which should help to tell you just how amazing it truly is. Ever since it began back in 1877 it has always hosted the highest quality tennis players. It draws eyes from all across the world and it can be a scramble to get a ticket at the famous 'Centre Court'.

    Sports betting also benefits from the Wimbledon festivities. There are often free bets offered during the competition. Odds boost promotions are often activated as well. All of the online sportsbooks that we have included in our list will offer competitive tennis betting odds during this competition.

    US Open

    The US Open is basically America's answer to Wimbledon. It's played on hard acrylic, modern courts in Queens, New York. Chronologically, it is the fourth major Grand Slam of the season and due to its whereabouts and history, it also receives much attention from tennis fans and novices all over the world. In the modern era, Roger Federer has particularly liked this Grand Slam as he's won it 5 times! It was a sad day to see him retire...

    The US Open is easily one of the best tennis tournaments and tennis bookmakers take full advantage of the hype with some great tennis odds. Online tennis betting thrives in the midst of Grand Slam tournaments.

    Australian Open

    The Australian Open is an annual tennis grand slam held in Melbourne, Australia. Like the US Open, the Australian Open is also played on a hard-acrylic-like surface. It is not completely the same as the US Open but it does share similarities. The hard court style leads to aggressive and fast-paced gameplay, which can lead to very exciting in play betting opportunities. Novak Djokovic is particularly good on this surface and is always a safe outright tennis bet.

    During the Australian Open, we recommend taking advantage of the in play markets. In play betting is at its best during the Aussie Open. Using this is one of our favourite tennis betting strategies.

    French Open

    The French Open is held at Stake Roland Garros, Paris in may every year. From 1891-1907 the French Open was played on sand courts before being permanently changed to clay. Since then it has become one of the most iconic tournaments and venues for tennis. The clay surface offers a unique challenge that we don't see enough of in modern tennis and the time of year always makes it even better. There's a certain buzz around early June.

    Some of the best tennis odds are available at this time. The online betting industry know what they're doing. The gritty action of Roland-Garros combined with some in play bets is very enjoyable.

    ATP and WTA Tours Finals

    The ATP and WTA finals were formed in 1970 and 1972, and they have proven to be mighty additions to the sport of tennis. The tournaments consist of the 8 best players of the season facing off. It is the biggest tournament after the four major grand slam tournaments that we have already mentioned.

    The ATP consists of the best men's singles and doubles players, while the WTA features the best women's singles and doubles. You will be able to find plenty of good tennis betting tips during the ATP finals. Mark your calendars for November 12th tennis bettors.

    How to Register on Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa

    Before cracking into some tennis bets you must first complete the registration form. If you've bet before, then you have done this before, but if not, the experience can be a little intimidating. Don't worry, we are here to make the process easy. Follow our four steps and you'll be good to go.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Select Tennis Betting Site Step 1

    Select Tennis Betting Site

    First of all, you'll need to choose your poison. Select the betting site that you see as right for you. If you check out our list of online tennis betting sites you will find plenty of suitable candidates. They are all top of the range and offer some fantastic tennis betting odds as well as free bets,

    Begin Registration Step 2

    Begin Registration

    The registration process of any top tennis betting site is pretty much the same. Which is great, because they all share a very easy process. You will need a fair bit of personal information to hand in order to register.

    Customise your experience Step 3

    Customise Your Experience

    Once you have officially signed up and been granted access to the tennis betting site of your choosing, you will next need to select your preferences. This includes odds format and deposit limits. We definitely suggest setting a deposit limit, especially if you're a new customer. A deposit limit gives you a small betting safety net which will keep you out of any potential trouble. Only bet what you can afford to lose!

    Add funds and place Tennis bets Step 4

    Add Funds and Place Tennis Bets

    Finally, it's time to take advantage of the best odds, in play betting and bet on some tennis matches. Keep an eye out for tennis betting offers. Every bettor is greeted with a free bet on arrival, but sometimes you find exclusive tennis betting market offers.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Tennis Bookmakers in South Africa

    If you're really struggling with finding a high-quality tennis bookmaker, then struggle no longer. We understand it can be difficult to find the right place to suit all of your needs and this is why we at Betpack are here to ensure you have the best tennis betting online experience. You should only be using the best betting sites.

    This section is designed to simply give you a few more tips for choosing the best tennis betting websites. Let's get it!

    Look for Coverage of all Tennis Events

    The worst thing is when you go to place a bet on a tennis betting site and you find out that they're not covering the tournament you were planning on betting on! Some sites that are not dedicated to the sport of tennis often don't offer all of the tennis betting markets. This is why it is of utmost importance to make sure the site you use covers everything, you don't need limits when it comes to placing tennis bets.

    Make Sure there are Competitive Odds Offered

    Competitive odds are crucial to any top betting site. Not all tennis bookmakers offer exactly the same odds, different sites have their odds calculated by different providers. Check the tennis odds at each site before you actually register. You can freely browse through most betting sites before actually registering, you will just be unable to actually place a bet. Take particular note of the in-play betting odds. These are one of the most important aspects of tennis match betting.

    Check Bonuses and Free Bets Offered

    Upon registration at any of the top tennis betting options, you will be greeted with a welcome bonus. This usually includes free bets in exchange for your first real money qualifying bet. There are many different types of sports bonuses that new customers are offered, some make you use certain bet types like live betting for instance, while others simply require you to bet real money on any sport. You could bet R10 on horse racing and still be eligible for a new customers bonus. That's the beauty of sports betting sites, most of them offer a lot of different sports and hold no bias towards each one. This means you can mix and match which sports you're betting on without losing any momentum.

    Betting Odds at Tennis Betting Sites

    As we have previously touched upon, tennis odds are massively important to the overall experience. Each betting site will offer slightly different odds in one way or another. Whether it's different odds boost offers or completely different tennis match odds. A huge positive about tennis odds is that they are pretty easy to understand. Each odd is based on the implied probability of the particular outcome taking place. Using a simple formula, you can actually figure out the probability for something based on the odds alone.

    Using this method allows you to make more educated estimates when it comes to betting. You can look at the probabilities and figure out if a bet is really worth it at all. The best odds can be found at the sites we have recommended. navigate to our list and register for one of these tennis bookies if you're after the best odds.

    Popular Bet Types on Tennis Betting Sites in South Africa

    Tennis is massive as a sport, not only in terms of viewership and attention but also in terms of depth in betting markets. Tennis has plenty of different bet types that all have their own pros and cons. It is important to learn about each of the main types so that you know exactly what you're looking at when you first enter a tennis bookie. This section will take you through some of the most commonly used betting types and how you can make the most of them in South Africa.


    The first bet type we would like to discuss is the money line bet. The moneyline betting markets may just be the simplest betting type of them all. It involves betting on the outcome of a particular event. Let's use Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic as an example. You can bet on who you think will be the match winner. The odds for the higher stake games are usually fairly low, but with mid to high stakes, some nice little profits can be made.

    Multiple/Acca Bets

    Multiple bets, often referred to as an Acca or parlay, depending on who you ask, is another one of the most popular and exciting betting types offered by tennis bookmakers. It involves combining multiple different bets into one grand bet slip. This method can create some very lucrative odds but they are pretty hard to pull off. If even one of your selections doesn't come in, it's all over. Multiples make for some of the most exciting and heartbreaking actions in betting. During major grand slams, acca betting is at its best as there is a huge amount of high-quality games.

    Outright Betting

    Outright betting is one of the most difficult bets to pull off, in every sport, not just tennis. But tennis in particular is very tough to outright bet on. Outright betting involves betting on major outcomes before they happen. For example, Novak Djokovic to win the French Open: 7/4. The tough part of betting on these odds is that there are multiple competitors who all have similar odds. This is because there are so many high-quality players, it's tough to give a standout favourite. Winning an outright bet is one of the best feelings in sports betting. We recommend using a free bet credit stake on tennis outrights.

    During the grand slam tournaments, the best tennis betting providers will offer a host of prop bet markets. Prop bets are essentially bets on things that aren't the overall outcome of the match. For example, a player to score the most aces. One of the most popular tennis props is betting on how far players will make it in a tournament. You are given two players with an odd for each and you choose who you think will go further. If they are eliminated in the same round, you receive your stake back.

    Pros and Cons of Tennis Bookmakers



    • Plenty of high-profile tournaments to bet on
    • Lots of iconic players to focus prop bets on
    • Free bets are found often, especially during grand slams
    • Live streaming and live tennis betting available at most of the top betting sites
    • Strong customer service


    • Only four Grand Slam tournaments per year
    • Not as thorough markets compared to other sports betting avenues

    Tennis Betting Sites vs Sports Betting sites

    How do tennis bookmakers compare with the standard sports betting sites? Is there much of a difference?

    Tennis Bookmakers
    Check icon

    Tennis-specific betting promotions

    Check icon

    Four major tournaments per year

    Cancel icon

    Live streaming only offered during some of the major slams

    Check icon

    Odds boosts offered throughout grand slam tournaments


    Sports Bookmakers
    Check icon

    Multiple sports to bet on

    Check icon

    More promotions and offers

    Check icon

    Live streaming offered on all sports

    Check icon

    Much more betting options


    Tennis betting is very exciting and very worth trying a hand at. The sport of tennis is amazing to watch, the quality of the athletes and all of the drama makes it so intriguing. From players being almost disqualified due to vaccine status, to players wearing the wrong colours, there is all sorts of drama constantly unfolding in the world of tennis. This cannot distract from the quality of the sport itself though, the players are incredibly talented and have some of the best work ethics around.

    Betting on tennis provides a very exciting experience too, especially during those major tournaments. There are all sorts of fantastic odds to take advantage of, as well as plenty of games and high-quality action that can be streamed live directly from the sports betting site you're using in some cases. The ability to watch and bet at the same time is something we just love.

    So, before the French Open, or even before Wimbledon later in the summer, make sure you're registered to a tennis betting site. Once again we urge you to take a look at the tennis bookmakers that we have on show here at Betpack. This will guarantee you a positive tennis betting experience!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Best Tennis Betting Site?

    There are many top betting sites that offer tennis. You can take a look at our list at Betpack and find a bookmaker that works for you.

    How does Tennis Betting Work?

    Tennis betting works just as any sports betting does really. The odds are produced based on computer algorithms that determine probabilities of certain events transpiring. You place real money bets on these odds in order to make money.

    Is Tennis Betting Legal in South Africa?

    Yes! It is legal to bet on tennis in the country of SA.

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