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Betpack Editorial Guideline

Steven D. Thompson


Here at Betpack, we value integrity over pretty much everything else. This helps to ensure that our unwavering standards do not slip, meaning our articles are always insightful, helpful and trustworthy. After all, while integrity is incredibly important to us, you, the reader, are our highest priority. 

Our Vision & Our Mission

To ensure the bettors are well informed and understand the finer details of betting. This is one of the reasons why we ensure we fairly research and rate the best bookmakers and best bookie promotions as we aim to teach our readers how best to use them. 

    • Betpack’s editorial team always provides content that you can trust and is accurate, well-informed and all-encompassing. We only ever include content that has hit the high standards we set ourselves, thus ensuring you are not ever reading information that is not in line with our strict editorial practices. 
    • We ensure that every review and rating, whether for a betting site, offer or anything else, is never influenced by any partners or advertisers. If a betting site has a specific rating, that is because they deserve it.
    • In an ever-changing world, it is as vital as ever to ensure that the viewpoints and opinions of a diverse range of people are showcased in our editorial team. We know that our readership is incredibly widespread, and by championing diversity, we feel it promotes a real connection with our readers, helping to create trust in everything we do. 
    Our Vision & Our Mission
    Editorial Independence

    Editorial Independence

      • Each and every piece of content on site is created by our incredibly talented editorial team. With a glut of the most talented writers, editors and content creators on board, we know we are able to provide you with world-class content and reviews that are in no way influenced by advertisers or business partners. 
      • All of the viewpoints that are expressed are solely our own. Each is based on the comprehensive and extensive research that our experts conduct and the years of experience in the betting industry that our team boasts.
      • Our reviews, content and articles are in no way influenced by our advertisers or business partners.
      • Compensation and the performance reviews of our editorial team are not affected by the positive or negative content and reviews that they create.
      • Our advertisers and business partners have no influence on the remuneration and performance evaluations of our editorial team. 


        • The accuracy and relevance of our content are incredibly important to us, with our editorial team constantly checking their content even after it is published. 
        • The entire team from content creators to writers and editors thoroughly check their facts, numbers, and other details that are included in our reviews and articles. 
        • Only trustworthy and reliable sources are utilised by our writers, allowing them to create accurate and informative content.
        • As humans, errors do happen, even to our experts. As soon as we notice an accidental error, we do everything we can to correct ourselves as quickly as possible. We always encourage our readers to contact our team via our on-site form if they find a mistake that has not yet been rectified. 
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