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    Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy or "the Policy" details how or "the Website" manages your personal details and data. The Policy is regularly modified. You can inform yourself about the updates by reading the Policy, so we urge you to regularly visit and check our Privacy Policy revisions.

    It is important to note that the Policy should be viewed in tandem with the Website's Terms and Conditions. If you don't agree with some or all of the provisions in the Policy or Terms and Conditions, we kindly request that you no longer use the Website.

    Managing and Utilizing Information collects and manages the personal details of users when they visit the Website. This stipulation also extends to other mediums such as but not limited to mobile apps. 

    What Types of Information Do We Gather?

    During each of your sessions on the Website, we collect readily available browsing information like your platform, device, internet service provider, IP address, date, time, location, etc.

    Using Your Data

    There are various ways in which we gather your data. We do this to boost the experience you get while accessing the Website, as well as to improve the performance of our systems to give you what you are looking for.

    The Website manages the information it gathers to observe the browsing behaviour of Betpack users and tailor its products, content, and services to reflect what users need.

    We also collect data to improve the quality of the content we publish and the services we offer to our readers, as well as enhance the quality of other Website elements, various features, and options.

    Security is another reason why the Website gathers personal information. Sometimes the data we collect indicates there is a security risk that threatens to terminate the operations of the Website.

    Why Do We Gather Your Data? collects your personal details to better tailor the services and content you want to get. You can rest assured that we will comply with international data protection laws. We will use the information we collect to do the following:

    • To get more information about the types of readers visit

    • Ascertain if we need to introduce a new service or revise and improve our existing services and content. 

    • Boost the overall security of and pinpoint potential dangers.

    • Avert fraudulent and illegal operations before they occur.

    Do We Share Your Details?

    The Website will share your personal details only when doing that will result in a more refined and personalized user experience or when the sharing of data will help the Website improve its operations, resulting again in an enhanced user experience.

    Improving the Overall Experience of Readers

    We also share data with companies that develop website tools, such as but not limited to SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Google. The information which we share in this case is Aggregated Data and sharing it allows us to boost your general experience on the Website. holds your privacy in high regard, respects your anonymity, and understands if you want your personal details not to be shared. If that's how you feel, you can send an email to the Website, asking us to delete all data we have about you.

    This request is in line with current laws on the collection of data which allows you to contact the Website and explicitly request that we provide you with all browsing information we have about you or you can ask us to delete that information. We will do that within the time frame legally given to us.

    Legal Grounds for Communicating Data

    The Website may be asked to share your information with third parties, especially in situations when we are subpoenaed by the government about an ongoing inquiry. That would leave us with no choice but to abide by the request without prior notice.

    Your Rights

    We collect data during your browsing sessions, but we are not the only owners of that data. You are in control of the data you agree to share and we comply with international data regulations and laws that require us to let you manage how we handle your personal information. You have these rights:

    • Access - You can ask us to provide you with all the data we have about you by writing to us.

    • Correction - You can write to us requesting we correct a mistake.

    • Transfer - You can ask us to transfer your data to a different platform and we will do that for you.

    • Erasure - You can request that all the information we possess to be deleted, but have in mind that we might reject it if we have legal grounds such as the ones explained above.

    • Objection - You can opt out of sharing your personal details, but we might not be able to fulfil that request if data-sharing laws allow us to do that.

    Cookies and Why We Use Them

    Cookies help us a lot as they provide instructions on how we can improve your experience while you browse the Website. They allow you to enjoy all the features of the Website and benefit from improved functionality of the Website. On our side, we gather information relating to your browsing patterns and manners. You can also decline the use of cookies. However, please note that declining to use cookies might result in a suboptimal user experience on our Website.

    Links to Third Party Websites

    The Website may feature outbound links to third-party websites. There are many reasons why we might insert external links, such as communicating ana successfully, providing additional information, citing a relevant source, etc. It is important to understand that, under current information and privacy laws, we are not responsible for the supervision and monitoring of third-party websites. So, it is your responsibility to check whether a website will protect your privacy and keep your data confidential. cannot be held responsible for a third-party website disregarding or breaching these laws, especially when you are no longer browsing our Website.

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