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The lay bet calculator is a special tool that lets you easily calculate what you’re putting at stake. It’s a must for anyone who wants strategic bets. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use it to calculate liability, profits, returns, and winnings with a few simple clicks.

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Table of Contents

    What is a Lay Bet Calculator?

    Before you understand what the lay bet calculator is, you have to understand what lay betting is. Unlike regular bets, lay bets mean betting on a specific outcome such as a team or player not winning the match.

    In lay betting, you act as the bookmaker by offering odds against a specific outcome. For instance, if you offer odds of 2.0 against Team A winning, and Bettor B accepts your lay bet with a 50 ZAR wager on Team A not winning, you win 50 ZAR if Team A loses or the match ends in a draw. However, if Team A wins, you must pay Bettor B 100 ZAR.

    Lay betting is often associated with betting exchanges, where users can both back and lay bets against each other. This approach provides a unique perspective, allowing individuals to play the role of the bookmaker and bet against a chosen outcome. While it sounds fairly simple, you have to know what you’re putting at stake with a lay bet. You also have to figure out the precise stake to make a good profit, and you can’t do all of that manually.

    The lay bet calculator is a tool that can help in this case. It’s a must for any bettor with a feel for strategy. It’ll help you place lay bets without any hassle. The lay bet calculates all the aspects of this bet and easily calculates the returns too.

    How to Use Lay Bet Calculator

    Using the lay bet calculator is easy. It has an intuitive user interface, with clearly displayed fields where you can input the required data. It’s not hard to use it even if you’re a beginner, which is a big plus in our books.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Account
    Enter your stake Step 1

    Enter Your Stake

    The most important element of every lay bet is the stake. The number you enter will affect the liability of the bet, so it can be a bit expensive. For best results, you should start with a smaller (or single) betting unit.

    Input the odds Step 2

    Input the Odds

    The lay odds for your bets will be available at the sportsbook of your choice. This one’s simple - find the event you want to bet on, check the odds, and simply enter them when prompted.

    Enter the commission Step 3

    Enter the Commission

    Only a few sportsbooks have no commission on lay bets. Most will charge a small commission displayed as a percentage. Enter that number in the specified field, and you'll be all but ready.

    Check out the results Step 4

    Check out the Results

    As soon as you fill out all the required elements, you’re ready to go. You can now view your results, including the calculated liability, commission, and potential profit.

    Why Use Lay Bet Calculator?

    Using the lay bet calculator - and any betting calculator for that matter - is done to help you calculate automatically instead of doing the math manually. Lay bets are not that complicated, but you still have several elements to consider including the commission, so a calculator is the best option.

    The lay bet calculator on this page is free to use. You can use it to calculate your returns for a lay bet you like without paying a cent at a sportsbook. Like always, betting calculators offer a preview of what to expect which is important before you place a real money bet.

    It saves time and it’s easy to use, so it’s a real no-brainer for experienced bettors.

    Betpack Tips for Effectively Using the Lay Bet Calculator

    If you want to use the lay bet calculator to the max, you must follow our tips. They also apply to general betting knowledge, not just the calculator itself. But, if you want to optimize your profits and minimise losses, you can give them a read below.

    Understand the Concept of Lay Betting

    Research and Analyze

    Regularly Check and Update Odds

    Make sure you have a thorough understanding of lay betting before using the Lay Bet Calculator. Understand the distinction between lay and back bets, realizing that a lay bet involves betting against a particular result. Learn the meaning of phrases like odds, stake, and profit/loss when it comes to lay betting.

    Do a lot of research on the teams or events before entering values into the Lay Bet Calculator. Examine past performance, injuries, and any other pertinent information that could affect the result. Making well-informed decisions can lead to more accurate calculations and possibly better results.

    A number of variables, such as team news and market sentiment, can affect betting odds. Make sure the odds in the Lay Bet Calculator are updated with the most recent data by checking and updating them frequently. Keeping up with the latest changes guarantees the accuracy of your calculations and enables you to place well-informed wagers.

    Lay Betting Terms

    Term Description

    Back Bet

    A traditional bet where you bet on Team A to win at odds of 2.0.

    Lay Bet

    You offer odds of 2.0 against Team A winning, and Bettor B accepts with a 50 ZAR bet on Team A not winning.


    The numerical representation of the likelihood of an outcome. In this example, odds of 2.0 imply a 50% chance of Team A not winning.


    Bettor B places a 50 ZAR stake on Team A not winning.

    Betting Exchange

    A platform where users can both back and lay bets against each other, like Bettor B accepting your lay bet.

    Benefits of the Lay Bet Calculator

    The lay bet calculator is here to make your life easier. It calculates everything for you and displays your lay stake and eventual returns quickly and automatically. The system is designed to work with all bets, and it’s suitable for all bettors too as you can change them from decimal to fracional and American.

    By using the calculator, you’ll get more precise returns on your lay bets. More importantly, you can use it as a sort of demo or a preview of what you get with this particular bet type. Lay bets can be exciting and they may come with great odds, but due to the commission, it’s best to let the calculator do the math. The biggest benefit is that it saves you time, so instead of going blindly by placing random lay bets, you can put the wheels in action long before you use your money.


    Lay betting gives bettors a great shot at winning. More importantly, lay bets at betting exchanges may be nicely priced on top events, so you’re getting more value for your money. With our lay bet calculator, you can easily calculate if a horse race or a football match is more suitable for a lay bet than any other method.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Lay Bet in Betting?

    A lay bet means betting on something not to happen in sports. For example, you can choose a horse not to finish as a winner or a football team not to score in a match.

    What is Liability in Lay Betting?

    Liability is a factor that shows the amount you’ll need to pay if you lose a lay bet. Since you’re in the role of a sportsbook when it comes to lay betting, the amount is more than your stake.

    Is the Lay Bet Calculator Available on the Go?

    Yes, it is. Our website is mobile-optimized and so are the calculators. You can access it on the go without downloading any third-party apps.

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