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The most reputable online sportsbooks in South Africa are constantly looking to exceed the expectations of their bettors. Offering numerous betting options and promos is a good start, but they want to go a step further. In other words, licensed bookmakers provide them with major flexibility in terms of payments. They feature a lot of payment methods through which SA bettors can deposit and withdraw. One of those options is Pay by Mobile. We will take a closer look into this banking method in this article as we will explain how it works, what are its pros and cons and much more.
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No withdrawal


  • Massive convenience.
  • Instant deposits with no fees.
  • Eligible to claim bonuses and promotions.
  • Increased security.
  • The great penetration rate in South Africa.


  • Withdrawals are often not available.
  • Not all networks support this payment.
  • Maximum deposit limits are often low.
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Best Betting Sites that Accept Pay by Mobile

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Table of Contents

    Betpack always wants to make sure that South African punters have the most secure and thrilling experience. That is why we are always dedicated to finding the top well-established and new online bookmakers. We make sure that these platforms are rewarding and easy to access.

    After all, searching for a credible platform can take a lot of time and we want to help you be more efficient. After thoroughly searching the net, we found the best sportsbooks in South Africa, so feel free to check them out.

    What is Pay by Mobile and How Does It Work?

    Depositing with Pay by Mobile and claiming various sports betting bonuses and promotions means nothing if you don’t know the specifics about this banking option. As the name itself suggests, Pay by Mobile allows you to make a deposit at online sportsbooks in South Africa, gain access to promos such as free bets and place your wagers.

    There are a couple of ways through which you can use this method to make online transactions and it all depends on your network provider and the app that you are using. The first option is to connect your VISA or MasterCard and top up your balance. Then, you can use the funds to transfer funds to your betting account.

    You may wonder why to use a card to transfer money funds to your phone and then, use the phone to deposit money. After all, you can use the card directly. Your answer lies in security. Pay by Mobile is a very secure online payment method. It will not reveal your credit/debit card information. That way, unwanted third parties will not gain access to these details.

    The second option is to deduct funds from your phone bill. This works in a similar fashion as taking credit. The funds that you use are then added to your monthly bill. Many South African bookmakers started featuring this payment method as mobile usage and mobile payments here are very popular. Statistics show that over 26 million people own a smartphone. Many of these want to place mobile bets and use Pay by Mobile as it is the most efficient solution in the region.

    How We Find the Best Pay by Mobile Betting Sites?

    We have strict standards when it comes to finding the best Pay by Mobile betting sites. After all, security and entertainment lie at our core. To prove that, we are more than happy to explain how we find the best bookmakers that accept this payment method.


    Step 1 – Make Sure The Platform is Secure

    Before we even start diving into the site’s offers, we make sure that it is secure. First, we take a look at its license and check whether it’s valid. Then, we give a look into the bookmaker’s security system. That way, we determine whether the bookmaker can keep your sensitive details safe.


    Step 2 – Browse the Site and Read The T&Cs

    Then, we browse the site to check the available betting markets, bonuses, odds, mobile compatibility, customer support, etc. We also read the terms and conditions to ensure that you won’t have a hard time betting there.


    Step 3 – Register and Deposit Funds

    If everything checks out, we proceed to register an account. We pay attention to the details as we see whether this process is fast and simple. After we create an account, we choose Pay by Mobile and deposit funds into our account.


    Step 4 – Claim Bonuses and Place Bets

    Finally, we claim the first deposit bonus and use it to place bets. We check whether it is simple to navigate through the betting markets and how efficient betting is in its entirety. Then, we form a conclusion and compare the results.

    Betting with Pay by Mobile

    As you must’ve determined by now, placing bets at SA sportsbooks with Pay by Mobile is very convenient. Not only is it safe, but you also gain massive flexibility. You can easily deposit and place bets on your smartphone, on the go.

    One of the most important things that you should remember about betting with Pay by Mobile is the fact that in most cases, you can deposit funds, but you cannot withdraw them. After all, there’s no place where you can store the funds.

    Secondly, not all mobile networks support this payment method. So, before you plan on signing a deal with a provider, check their terms of use. That way, you will know whether you can deposit at an online sportsbook or not. Each deposit with Pay by Mobile is instant and fees are often not charged. As a result, you will enjoy massive efficiency in payments.

    Here's where this option prevails, though. If Pay by Mobile is connected to your phone bill, you will have a clear view of how much money you spend on online betting. As a result, you can always set budget limits and make sure that you gamble responsibly.

    Pay by Mobile itself also comes with a limit on online spending. That also helps in keeping you safe. Other payment methods usually have high limits and are more likely to lead to gambling addiction. That’s not the case with Pay by Mobile.

    When you deposit funds to your betting account, you can also claim a variety of bonuses and promotions. These include welcome packages, cashbacks, free bets, reload and match bonuses, etc. If the sportsbook has a loyalty program, each real money bet that you make following a Pay by Mobile deposit will contribute to more rewards.

    Loyalty programs have several levels and you climb up the ranks by collecting points. You receive a point for every real money bet that you place. The rewards are unique and will make your experience all the better.

    How to Register at Pay by Mobile Betting Sites?

    Before you can deposit funds at South African sportsbooks and claim bonuses, you must register. The good news here is that this process is very simple. It does not take a lot of your time, as well. Since we at Betpack want to cover all aspects of Pay by Mobile betting, we are more than happy to help you register at betting sites. Here’s what you need to do.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose a Pay by Mobile Betting Site Step 1

    Choose a Pay by Mobile Betting Site

    Everything starts with choosing a sportsbook that matches your preferences. You can browse our list to find the most secure platforms. Make a shortlist of your best options and then, compare their features. Pick one that you think is most rewarding and has the greatest market coverage.

    Access its Official Website and Click on the Register Button Step 2

    Access its Official Website and Click on the Register Button

    Then, access its official website through the link we provide. Since all of our listings are mobile-friendly, you can do so on both mobile and desktop devices. For a better experience, we suggest you complete this step on a desktop device. Click on the register button and proceed to the third step.

    Accept the T&Cs and Verify Your Account Step 3

    Accept the T&Cs and Verify Your Account

    Fill in the required fields and accept the terms and conditions of the site. Confirm that you are of legal age, too. This is when you can also verify your account. You must do so if you want to withdraw funds from your betting account.

    Deposit Funds and Place Bets Step 4

    Deposit Funds and Place Bets

    In the end, all that is left is to choose Pay by Mobile as a deposit method. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit. Transfer funds and use them to place bets on your favourite sports. If you are eligible, make sure to claim a bonus as it can boost your rewards.

    How to Make Pay by Mobile Deposits?

    As you saw, if you want to place real money bets and claim bonuses and promotions at Pay by Mobile sportsbooks SA, you must deposit funds. You can do so by completing a few steps. They are as simple as ABCs and we are more than happy to share them.

    1. Register an account.
    2. Visit the cashier’s section.
    3. Go to the deposit menu.
    4. Choose Pay by Mobile as your preferred method.
    5. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit.
    6. Click on confirm.

    How to Make Pay by Mobile Withdrawals?

    Earlier, we mentioned that in most cases, you will not have the chance to withdraw funds with Pay by Mobile. But, if you have a certain mobile wallet, you may be able to do so. If that’s the case, then you should complete the following steps.

    1. Log in to your betting account.
    2. Visit the cashier’s section.
    3. Go to the withdrawal menu.
    4. Select Pay by Mobile.
    5. Enter the amount that you want to cash out.
    6. Confirm the transaction.

    Pay by Mobile vs Skrill Sportsbooks

    Pay by Mobile is not the only payment method that you can use online bookmakers in South Africa. There are plenty of other competitors and one of the main ones is Skrill. Below, we compared both payment methods to help you see which one comes out on top.

    Pay by Mobile
    Check icon

    Eligible to claim bonuses.

    Check icon

    No fees are attached.

    Check icon

    Commonly accepted by SA bookmakers.

    Cancel icon

    Withdrawals are not available.

    Cancel icon

    Low limits on deposits.


    Cancel icon

    Often not eligible for bonuses.

    Cancel icon

    Fees on a majority of transactions.

    Cancel icon

    Far less popular in online sportsbooks in SA.

    Check icon

    Withdrawals are available.

    Check icon

    Higher limits on deposits.

    Pay by Mobile Experiences

    Pay by Mobile’s user experiences speak for themselves. There are countless satisfied punters in South African sportsbooks. They were able to reap all of the benefits of this option. Below, we listed what some people had to say about this solution.

    “Pay by Mobile is the best option for those that want to place efficient bets on their mobile phones. Not only do I enjoy massive security, but I love the fact that I can deposit at any time and place. This gives me a lot of flexibility, especially when it comes to live betting.” – Paul G.

    “Although I cannot use Pay by Mobile to withdraw funds, I love the fact that deposits are fast with no fees. My provider deducts the amount from my monthly bill and I have a clear monthly view of my spending. That way, I can make sure that I always bet responsibly.” – Sarah C.

    "Up until a while ago, I opted out of popular payment methods like MasterCard and Skrill. However, some were not as efficient as I expected. Others had tons of attached fees. All of that changed when Id using Pay by Mobile. Now, this solution is my go-to deposit option.” – Karen A.

    “Pay by Mobile allows me to make efficient bets on live games. Not only that, but I always have a clear view of the money that I spend when I see my monthly bill. That way, I am able to stick to my budget and make sure that I don’t overspend my funds.” – Craig P.

    Mobile Compatibility at Pay by Mobile Sportsbooks

    The name of the payment method itself suggests that it is fully optimized for mobile use. However, there’s more to the story. If you want to use this option to deposit and place real money bets, the bookmaker also needs to be mobile-friendly.

    Considering the fact that mobile betting is on the rise, a majority of online sportsbooks in the world are accessible via smartphones. The case is the same with our listed operators in South Africa. These brands use one of two ways to ensure mobile compatibility.

    First up, we have the well-known HTML5 technology. Thanks to it, you can access an online bookmaker from your Android or iOS device via your mobile browser. The gameplay does not differ and all of the services are available here too.

    Secondly, we have betting apps. Many consider these as a more effective solution to mobile betting. You download them from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free. Once you download them, your system will automatically install the app.

    However, if the app is not listed on these platforms, then you will most likely have to access the mobile version of the SA sportsbook. It will contain an APK file that you can download for free. The difference here is that you will have to manually install the app.

    After you finish doing so, you will unlock access to all of the services, including depositing via Pay by Mobile. Keep in mind that you need to have free storage to download and install betting apps. The good news here is that SA sportsbooks take up little space. Hence, this is not a major issue.

    Regardless if you are betting on an online sportsbook via your mobile browser or app, there's one thing that you must remember. You need to have a stable connection to the Internet. Additionally, you must be a registered punter to wager and claim bonuses.

    Alternatives to Pay by Mobile Sportsbooks

    Earlier, we mentioned that Pay by Mobile is a commonly used payment method in South African sportsbooks, but it is not the only option. There are several alternatives that you can choose from. Some are better than others. 

    After all, you must have a plan B in action if Pay by Mobile is unavailable at the sportsbook of your choosing. With that in mind, we decided to list some of the best and most popular options aside from Pay by Mobile. Let’s give them a look.


    Our first listing is one of the safest online payment solutions. PayPal is an e-wallet through which you deposit and withdraw funds from your account. The first advantage that it has over Pay by Mobile is that it always allows withdrawals. All transactions are safe and in most cases, instant.

    If you are thinking of using PayPal for sports betting, you should also keep its disadvantages over Pay by Mobile in mind. First things first, we have the fees. PayPal charges various transaction fees, currency conversion fees, etc. Additionally, many sportsbooks do not consider it eligible to claim the available bonuses and promotions.


    Credit and debit cards are arguably the most common payment method in the world and in South Africa. A majority of players own one of these two cards. MasterCard betting sites’ greatest advantage over Pay by Mobile is their availability. Deposits and withdrawals come without any fees.

    One of the fields where MasterCard trails behind Pay by Mobile is security. A majority of online scams take place as scammers get a hold of your card information. Now, all of our listed sportsbooks are secure, but if you can use a more secure option, then why not opt in for it? That's exactly what Pay by Mobile represents.


    In the past couple of years, crypto sports betting sites are experiencing a massive rise in popularity. The most popular crypto payment method in South Africa is Bitcoin. It is very secure and superior to Pay by Mobile in almost every aspect. This includes eligibility for bonuses, instant transactions, great security, no fees, etc.

    Its downside is that it is not nearly as commonly used as Pay by Mobile. So, if you want to use Bitcoin at a bookmaker, you will have a much harder time finding a platform that accepts it. In other words, you are far more flexible with your options when using Pay by Mobile.

    Apple Pay

    Similar to PayPal, Apple Pay is an e-wallet that allows you to make secure and efficient payments at online sportsbooks in South Africa. Instead of using credit/debit card information, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number (DSN). As a result, it protects sensitive information.

    Its disadvantages are more or less the same as PayPal. Apple Pay payments to bookmakers come with fees and most importantly – this option is far less popular than Pay by Mobile and PayPal. 

    Pay by Mobile Betting Summary

    There’s no denying the fact that Pay by Mobile has a few downsides. For example, you cannot make withdrawals with it. However, if you are looking for efficiency and flexibility when you place bets at online sportsbooks, this is one of the best solutions.

    Ineligibility to make withdrawals is not a major concern as you will always have a lot of alternatives at your disposal. Some will even provide you with instant withdrawals. When depositing with Pay by Mobile, you can claim various bonuses and promotions that will boost your overall rewards.

    And if that is not enough, its security is second to none. Finally, Pay by Mobile will help you control your monthly spending power on sportsbooks. That way, you can enjoy a safe and responsible wagering experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can’t I withdraw funds using Pay by Mobile on betting sites?

    The main reason why you can't withdraw funds with Pay by Mobile is that there's no place where you can store the funds. If you have a mobile wallet option given by your network provider, then you may have the chance to cash out your winnings at online sportsbooks in South Africa.

    Which online sportsbooks accept Pay by Mobile deposits?

    There are plenty of online sportsbooks in South Africa that allow punters to deposit with Pay by Mobile. We at Betpack took the liberty of helping you find the top-rated operators. We reviewed countless SA bookmakers and after comparing the results, we came up with a list of sites that can provide you with great security and tons of rewards.

    Can I claim a welcome offer at online bookmakers by making a Pay by Mobile deposit?

    If the sportsbook features a first deposit bonus and Pay by Mobile is among the eligible payment methods, then you can claim it. To learn this, check the promotions tab of the operator. Also, read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. Not only will you learn whether Pay by Mobile is accepted, but you will also know what you must do to withdraw bonus winnings.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Pay by Mobile?

    Pay by Mobile has a plethora of advantages. Flexible and efficient payments, a huge acceptance rate and major security are a few to mention. The biggest downside to this method is the fact that you will most likely not be able to withdraw funds with it.

    Is it easy to deposit funds with Pay by Mobile?

    There are just a few steps that you must complete in order to deposit funds with Pay by Mobile. First, register an account at any of our listed sportsbooks. Then, visit the cashier’s section and go to the deposit menu. Select Pay by Mobile, enter the amount that you want to transfer and confirm the transaction. Keep in mind that each sportsbook has a minimum deposit limit.

    How can I deposit and withdraw funds if Pay by Mobile is not available in the online sportsbook?

    Online sportsbooks have plenty of payment alternatives at your disposal if Pay by Mobile is unavailable for some reason. Some of the most popular in South Africa are PayPal, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Apple Pay and Skrill. Each method has its own terms of use, which is why you must get familiar with it before you choose it.

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