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Looking for the best Google Pay Betting Sites? You've come to the right place. There are several high-end online bookmakers that use Google Pay to facilitate transactions. However, it's noteworthy to go for the best and most reliable ones.  In our guide, we provide you with a review of everything you must know about Google Pay betting sites, including pros and cons, betting platforms accepting Google Pay and their varied time limits. Let's explore the amazing features of this payment option. 
Payment types


  • Instant transactions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to download and use 
  • Compliant with the Google Pay Acts
  • Enables you to make virtual and international payments
  • Advanced security 


  • It’s not accepted in all countries 
  • There are concerns with data privacy, as with other payment options 
  • There is no direct withdrawal access to a fiat account 
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The Best Betting Sites That Accept Google Pay 2024

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Table of Contents

    Thanks to Google Pay's high effectiveness in facilitating transactions and simple interface, more online bookmakers accept it. Currently, there are several betting sites that accept Google Pay payment method for users to leverage. Moreover, even with the numerous online betting sites out there, you might face some challenges while finding new bookmakers that offer this payment method. It’s worth noting that some sites provide dishonest transaction charges and aren’t straight-forward.

    But don’t worry, we have outlined a list of the best Google Pay betting sites in this segment. The platforms we’ve recommended offer a straightforward means for you to interact with their interfaces.

    What Is Google Pay and How Does It Work?

    Google Pay, formally called ‘Android Pay’, is an online native payment system for Google and the Android device OS. Originally, Google Pay started out as Google Wallet in 2011, the first-ever mobile payment system. However, in 2015, the company launched Android Pay for that purpose and Google Wallet transitioned into enabling Peer-to-Peer transactions. Later on, both Google’s subsidiaries—Google Wallet and Android Pay—merged in 2018.

    It’s worth noting that the Google Pay wallet is connected to your Google account, and using Google Pay for transactions is super-easy. To make a deposit, click on the ‘Payment’ button and you will see a list of other supported payment methods you can transfer to. When you’ve selected a deposit method, Google Pay will display a payment token for that transaction. 

    Betting With Google Pay

    While betting on online bookmakers accepting Google Pay, there are still some general procedures everyone  needs to follow. First, you need to select your desired online betting portal. There are various things to look out for, including the welcome bonus, bonus time. Then, you should have some funds in your G Pay app, ready for transfer. Also note that you need a betting budget comprising the maximum amount of cash you're willing to lose, especially as a beginner in sports betting. 

    Then, transfer the budgeted amount from your Google Pay account to your sports betting account and choose the type of sport you want to bet on. Also, ensure to claim the welcome bonus, if it's available. When you're done with that, confirm the odds of your game and play with your own betting strategy. Moreover, if you don’t have a betting strategy to play with, then you might need to go learn some new ones, and practice on your demo mode. 

    How We Find the Best Google Pay Bookmakers?

    You might wonder how it was possible for us to find the best Google Pay sites. It’s simple, we use a straightforward process to ensure that bettors worldwide don’t fall victim to scam sites. Here are the following steps we figured were useful: 


    Review Each Betting Platform

    Before enlisting the best online bookmakers that accept Google Pay, we ensure to review them personally, interacting directly with the platforms. In doing so, we confirm whether the sites are secure, licensed, offer interesting bonuses and rewards like free bets and the first deposit bonus, and are certified. Good virtual betting sites are regulated by notable regulatory agencies. 


    Register and Validate the Account

    After confirming a website’s certificates and licenses, our experts create a betting account with the platform. Then, we proceed to our mail to confirm the account. A good betting platform will provide at least the welcome bonus, among other incentives. It’s worth noting that the Google Pay betting site will request you to provide KYC information to verify your account. Do so immediately.  



    When we’ve successfully validated our Google Pay account, the next step is to deposit money we need to bet with. To do that, we will navigate to the ‘Deposit’ segment of the platform and choose Google Pay as the payment option. Note that you can also fund your G Pay account via your credit or debit card, or via other local payment methods. Thankfully, Google Pay transactions are super-fast, so, once the deposited money reflects on the betting account instantly, we head on to bet on our games. 



    Betting on a reliable sportsbook is easy to navigate and has beginner-friendly interfaces. Once you’ve identified the game you want to play, select your wager amount and proceed to bet.  Also, your wager amount must reach the qualifying bet amount to be able to bet on the betting account. In addition, it's imperative to note that the various betting platforms have their different minimum deposit limits and bonus time limits.


    Withdraw Profits

    After the games are over, all our profits will automatically return to your dashboard on the iGaming portal. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button and select ‘Google Pay’ as the withdrawal channel.  Immediately, you'll be able to successfully withdraw money to your local account. 

    How to Register at Google Pay Bookmakers

    Now that we’ve seen some advantages and limitations of using Google Pay betting sites, the next thing to do is to create an account on the platform. If you don’t understand how to go about with this, don’t worry, as we’ve provided a concise procedure for you below. So, how can you register at the best Google Pay bookmaker?

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Select a Bookmaker Step 1

    Select a Bookmaker

    On your web browser, select a bookmaker from our list of top betting sites. It's imperative that you pick one that suits your betting taste. If you don’t know the real link, then you can just search on the internet for the betting portal. 

    Create an Account Step 2

    Create an Account

    When you’ve identified and opened the web page, you will need to create a betting account with the platform. So, navigate to the Sign Up page. Then, fill in your details in the required form in the next page that shows up. 

    Verify Account Step 3

    Verify Account

    After that, the virtual betting site will send you a confirmation link to your mail. Go to your mail and click on it. The link will redirect you to a page where you’ll need to provide your KYC documents and confirm your identity. 

    Log In to Your Account Step 4

    Log In to Your Account

    The last thing to do while registering on a Google Pay sports betting platform is to log onto the platform. To do this, return to the same web page and tap on the ‘Log In’ button. 

    How to Make Google Pay Deposits?

    If you’ve reached this part, then you probably have successfully registered your account with the online betting platform. So, let’s proceed to the next task--that is, helping you to transfer money. Notably, there are several payment options you can use to do this, but we’d consider using Google Pay option. Do the following procedures to find out how to perform a Google Pay deposit on a betting platform below:

    Step 1: On Your Bookmaker, Tap on Deposit

    On the betting site, navigate to your dashboard and tap on the Deposit or Make Deposit button. From the dropdown of payment options, choose Google Pay option. 

    Step 2: Enter the Transfer Section in your Google Pay App

    The platform will display details (account number, token number, or wallet address). Go to your G Pay app and tap on the Transfer button. 

    Step 3: Choose the Desired Sportsbook 

    You will see another window providing a list of payment options to pay to. Select the payment option for the sportsbook you want to send to and input the amount you want to transfer. 

    Step 4: Click Send and Make the Deposit

    Then, confirm your transaction on the app. After inputing your Google Pay pass code, the transaction will be approved. You will see the same value of your transferred cash on the online bookmaker.

    How to Make Google Pay Withdrawals?

    After betting and receiving your profits, you will also want to withdraw your profits and spend as you wish. Is that possible via Google Pay? Absolutely! Do the following steps to withdraw your profits back into your local account from a sportsbook site via Google Pay.

    Step 1: Request for Your Funds

    On the online sports betting site, tap on the Withdraw Funds section. Then, after selecting Google Pay from the list of options, input the amount you want to transfer and confirm it. 

    Step 2: Send the Cash to Your Bank Account

    You will immediately receive the notification of a deposit into your G Pay app. There you will see the equivalent amount of the cash you transferred into your Google Pay account. Then, tap on the Transfer button and choose the Bank Account option. After then, fill in your bank details and go ahead to confirm the transfer. This will deduct your transferred money from your Google Pay balance.

    Is Betting With Google Pay Safe?

    Google Pay is a safe and secure e-wallet platform that enables bettors to make transactions to supported esports betting sites. The app incorporates several security layers to ensure one of the safest services from an online payment wallet. Interestingly, the wallet doesn’t even save your credit or debit card numbers on the platform, making it impossible to share them. 

    They are instead, stored in a secured Google server. But the platform still offers users independent virtual debit cards for making purchases and payments. Furthermore, the platform utilizes a one-time security (or OTP) for each transaction you make. In addition, the Google Pay app uses fingerprint, pin. Also, if you misplace your mobile device or PC connected to your Google Pay mobile account, you can lock it off and no other person will be able to access it. 

    Betting Sports Available at Google Pay Bookmakers in SA

    The sports industry is one of the leading industries worldwide, providing several billion dollars of annual revenue to the various countries. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the online betting industry is very popular among South Africans as of recently. Sports betting isn’t unusual for citizens and SA-based residents, as users can place wagers on the various sports played in the country. Not only can they access these eSports betting sites using their mobile devices, but they can also play on them for real cash profits using Google Pay. Below are the sports you can bet on. 

    American Football (The NFL) 

    Google Pay is already a reliable deposit method for transacting with virtual American Football sites. In fact, several of the leading American Football sportsbooks will provide multiple Google Pay options via different Peer-to-Peer transaction means. Some of those p2p transactions include Player Transfers, Person-2-Person, or MatchPay transfers. Notwithstanding the method, G Pay offers an advanced opportunity for bettors to play on NFL games.


    Volleyball is another well-known sport in SA and worldwide. Plus, if you're betting on volleyball using Google Pay, the Olympics games provide the best games and odds. It's worth noting that rare games provide huge odds and larger possible rewards. Also, before making a bet with your G Pay app, it's worthy to note that you can do a pre-match bet on whether the overall result of the game will be even or odd. You can also bet on how many sets the game will be. Furthermore, you can only place a wager on games in the various leagues that are active. So, if you don't know the leagues available.


    Betting on Tennis through a Google Pay betting site in SA is much different than in other sports. The three most renowned methods of wagering on Tennis include being on over/under, the game, or the money line. Using the over/under betting type, you can bet on the overall number of games that will be played in each match. Another way of betting Tennis is by playing the game spread, this spread provides you a level ground to wager on a game, as many individual games have less variance than team sports.

    Google Pay Experiences 

    “Better wallet than its peers. Ever since I began to use Google Pay app, I've been able to make better transfers. Thanks so much Google.” - Deborah Felix

    “‘’Not so bad. I think one thing I love about Google Pay is the seamlessness in making payments, and its interface. Cool one.” - Arden Nathan

    “‘’Love it!! Great app, guys. GPay saves me a lot of stress as I don't need to make a debit card transaction any longer. Easy NFC transfers are going well.” - John Yu

    “‘’I think I like the Google Pay wallet much better than lothario mobile wallets I've used. I'm really bullish on this. I like the fact that, my verification and payments through G Pay wallet made my free bets valid, and I was able to play for some profits.’’ - Sebastian Harris 

    After making my qualifying deposit to one of the online casinos that accepts Google Pay, I enjoy my experience.” —Sarah Martin

    Apple Pay vs Google Pay Sportsbook

    Notably, Google Pay isn't the only high-end payment method out there on the internet. There are other reliable alternatives that one can consider. One main competitor is Apple Pay. Let's compare the two e-wallets below. 

    Google Pay 
    Check icon

    Android OS mobile version.

    Check icon

    Supported in all android devices.

    Check icon

    Has an iOS version to accept iPhone users making payments on betting sites.

    Check icon

    Supports multiple credit and debit cards.

    Cancel icon

    Currently supported in 25+ countries.


    Apple Pay
    Check icon

    iOS Mobile version

    Cancel icon

    Supports only iPhone 6 and newer.

    Cancel icon

    Supports only iOS and MacOS devices.

    Cancel icon

    Accepts over 8 credit/debits cards.  

    Check icon

    Currently supported in 76+ countries.

    Mobile Compatibility at Google Pay Bookmakers

    You can play on any mobile device that has access to the internet and a functional web browser. These sports iGaming platforms supports mobile access from smaller devices where, you can open the website URLs from your smartphone or tablet, and make deposits using Google Pay and it would function the same way it would on a computer. That stated, after connecting your G Pay account with your sportsbook account, you can bet on any game from whichever location you are using any of the following smart devices or more:

    • Google Pixel

    • Microsoft Touch, 

    • iPhone 

    • iPad

    • Samsung Galaxy Phones,  

    • Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

    • And any complimentary device.

    Most betting sites are optimized for mobile and have thus deployed mobile betting apps to improve user experience. Which makes it simple for you to download the apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and bet as much as you want. 

    Alternatives to Google Pay Bookmakers 

    As we have stated earlier, there are thousands of other payment methods that online sportsbooks use. And a good online bookmaker will integrate multiple payment methods for users worldwide to leverage. That said, let's consider some effective alternatives to Google Pay below. 


    PayPal is one of the largest virtual payment platforms globally, and also another high-efficient and secure payment method. Like Google Pay, PayPal doesn't offer physical access to your account. However, it allows you to make payment across variable niches, even depositing and withdrawing cash via other methods. Though, transactions via PayPal aren't as swift as they are in Google Pay. It's also worthy to note that PayPal supports multiple credit and debit cards. Thus, we recommend that you patronize online betting sites that accept deposits via PayPal, also.


    Mastercard is the second most recognised platform Credit, Prepaid, and Debit card sector, after Visa. It is also one of the most widely accepted payment options globally, spreading across various nations. However, only users with Mastercard debit cards can make payments and withdrawals to and from a betting site. 


    The Bitcoin payment option is also another high-end alternative betting can consider. This is important because blockchain payments are the fastest known modes of facilitating transfer. Blockchains use either PoW or PoS consensus mechanisms for making this possible. However, this you need a prior knowledge of the network your transferring from and to, to avoid losing your funds permanently. 


    Skrill is another trusted alternative to Google Pay, and it operates much similar to PayPal. Skrill comes in handy in regions of the world where Google Pay payment method  isn't yet accepted. Thus, bettors who wish to deposit real money and wager in these locations should consider Skrill. 

    Google Pay Betting Summary

    Google Pay Betting Sites offer some of the most advanced, simplest, and exciting ways to make transaction and bet on online gambling portals. The high-end e-wallet facilitates instant payments and withdrawals for users. In addition, SA customers also have the chance to leverage the high security provided by Google Pay and used by these betting websites. 

    Notably, you can use Google Pay on your desktop, iOS and Android device, and to make transactions instant transactions to your desired betting portal. However, Google Pay has other strong contenders and relentless alternatives, such as Apple Pay, Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, and some others. We have patronized the best Google Pay sportsbooks ourselves and we recommend that you also check them out for yourself. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Google Pay Betting Sites Free?

    Google Pay doesn’t charge users for any transaction made via its platform. This includes taxes, payments, withdrawals, and other transactions. It’s also worthy to note that a majority of bookmakers don’t charge additional fees for deposits made via Google Pay. Moreover, there’s most likely charges for withdrawals done from these platforms.  

    Should I Use Google Pay For Betting?

    As we've seen, G Pay offers tons of benefits for enabling bettors to have a seamless life. If you're interested in having a more secure, faster, easier-to-understand online betting payment option, then you need G Pay

    Can I get Free Bets for using Google Pay?

    It's possible to access free bets by using Google Pay to facilitate your transactions. However, it's worthy to note that the platform that'll offer these bonuses have their given requirements before you can access the free bet. You can look out for bookies that offer this kind of betting platform bonus. 

    Do all Online Betting Sites Accept Google Pay?

    It's worthy to note that Google Pay, as well as most of its competitors, aren't accepted by every online sportsbook. This is so because, not all betting sites accept Google Pay, and it still has a long way to go. However, by contrasting betting sites at Betpack will allow you to consider the best websites that provide G Pay access most effectively.

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