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Matched betting is one of the potentially most profitable types of betting you can make, so what if we could tell you that you can even get an additional helping hand with that? Here, we will shed light on the matched betting calculator and how it can help you with your bets.

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Lay stake required: $0.00
Overall profit will be: $0.00
Total profit: $0.00


Bookmaker Exchange Total
If Back (Bookmakers) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00
If Lay (Exchange) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00

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Table of Contents

    What is a Matched Betting Calculator?

    Before you learn how to use it, it is important to learn what a matched betting calculator exactly is. It is a bit different from other types of odds calculators, as it helps you calculate how to place the right bet to unlock profits from the free bet offer by the bookmaker.

    A matched betting is a very simple technique experienced punters use – it requires you to place a back bet using a free bet offer at a bookmaker, but also place the opposing lay bet at a betting exchange.

    Now, thanks to the matched betting calculators, you don’t need to rely on complicated math formulas, so you can look forward to suggestions with zero hassle from your side!

    This way, you can calculate your potential winnings and manage risks in all possible betting scenarios – from sports betting to horse racing, regardless of your preferences!

    How to Use a Matched Betting Calculator

    Now that you know what a matched bet calculator is, a question may arise in your mind - how can you use a matched bet calculator to increase your potential winnings? Fortunately, the calculators in question are quite simple, so let's take a closer look at the steps you need to complete when using one!

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Understand The Terms Step 1

    Understand The Terms

    First off, you need to be familiar with common terms in matched betting. The back stake and the back odds are the values of your traditional bookie. The lay odds and the lay commission come from your betting exchange. As for liability, it is the amount you risk when you place the lay bet.

    Choose The Type of a Matched Betting Step 2

    Choose The Type of a Matched Betting

    First off, you need to choose whether you want to place a qualifying bet, or a free bet not returned/returned stake bet. This mainly depends on the bookie you wager at – as all bookies will require you to make an initial deposit to qualify for the promotion.

    Enter The Required Information Step 3

    Enter The Required Information

    Now, you will need to provide some values to the matched betting calculator. Necessary information includes your back stake, the back odds, but don’t forget about the lay odds and the lay commission on the betting exchange.

    Calculate the Winnings Step 4

    Calculate the Winnings

    Then, the calculator will instantly display your required lay stake, as well as the amount of liability that you need, the amount the bookie bet would win and the amount the lay bet would win. This way, you can see your potential profits for both types of bets.

    Why Use a Matched Betting Calculator

    Simplifying sports betting is something that can come in quite handy, especially if you are to place back and lay bets. You need all the help you can get, so you don’t get stuck with complex math formulas, so, as you can imagine, a matched betting calculator has several advantages:

    • Helps you calculate how to place lay and back bets to secure profits
    • Helps you with making better-informed decisions for complex bets
    • Saves you time and reduces the likelihood of making errors when calculating manually
    • Matched betting calculator is completely free to use

    Betpack Tips For Effectively Using Matched Betting Calculators

    Matched betting calculators can be quite a handy tool for you. However, just because they make the whole process of calculating liability and potential profits easier doesn’t mean they are the winning formula you seek for your bets. We can suggest three simple tips to follow to increase your chances of success with a matched betting calculator:

    • Compare different odds: Take a look at the bookies we suggest and compare their odds. See where you can find the best value!
    • Research the teams: You will know more about your back and lay bets if you do your research on the teams or competitions before wagering.
    • Start small: Matched bettings can seem complicated at first, but once you bet a few times, everything is much easier. So, we suggest you start with smaller bets and work your way up – if your wallet allows you to!

    Matched Betting Calculators in Practice

    Theory by itself is not enough, especially if new punters read this article! As stated beforehand, matched betting calculators can seem complicated at first glance, but an example would make things much more clear!

    First off, there are two types of calculations in matched – qualifying bet and free bet. Let’s say we place a qualifying match bet and we insert the following values:

    Calculation Type Description Value

    Back Stake

    Amount staked at the bookie

    20 ZAR

    Back Odds

    Odds of the event occurring (Bristol to win)


    Lay Odds

    Odds at the betting exchange (City to win)


    Lay Commision

    Comission at the exchange


    Lay Bet Amount

    Amount to be at the exchange (to lay)

    162.16 ZAR


    Potential loss if the lay bet loses

    81.08 ZAR

    Overall Profit

    Profit regardless of the outcome

    138.92 ZAR

    Once we insert these values into the calculator, we can see that the suggested lay bet is 162.16 ZAR and the liability is 81.08 ZAR, so the overall profit is 138.92 ZAR, regardless of which bet wins.

    Benefits of the Matched Betting Calculator

    At the end of the day, whether your bet is a losing or a winning one comes down to luck, but matched betting calculators can do a lot of the hard work in the meantime! Some of the main reasons why you should opt for a matched betting calculator are:

    Big Profits
    Easily Accessible
    Save Time

    Usually, an exchange will have a lay commission of 2%, meaning that your profit can go up to a whopping 98%

    You can use a matched betting calculator from any device – mobile or desktop

    Don't waste time manually calculating your liability and bets - instead, focus on researching who you should root for!


    Overall, we can say that matched betting is a straightforward strategy that can help you win by using free bets, regardless of the outcome of the event.

    However, modern betting is much more than just claiming free bets – you need all the tools you can get to gain a competitive edge in your betting endeavor, and that is where matched betting calculators come into the frame!

    Most of the data you will need to insert into the calculator will already be on the bookie and the exchange site, so you can step aside and see how much you can profit from the free bet offer!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Matched Betting Calculator in Betting?

    A matched betting calculator is a tool that helps users calculate their lay bets and liability placing matched bettings.

    How Fast Does the Matched Betting Calculator Calculate the Liability and Lay Bet?

    Instantly! As soon as you insert the necessary data, the calculator will do its magic and you will have your values in a flash!

    Is It Legal to Use a Matched Betting Calculator?

    Of course, it is! No legislation in the world stops you from using tools such as a matched betting calculator to help you while betting online.

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